Me a Hero? Cool!

A ton of Sunday blessings today;

Hit the pavement at 5am for a great run, thinking about how lucky I am I do so in Hawaii’s sunshine ” came back to a soul-warming talk story on the telephone with Uncle Davie, 90 minutes strong! ” turned on my computer to a bunch of emails from JJ learners checking in to my Learning Project there ” and then I discover that after Phil Gerbyshak had nominated me for Reg Adkins new Hero of the Week feature, Reg posted the talk-story we had about my Managing with Aloha blog ”“ way cool!

Mahalo Phil for the nod, and mahalo Reg for the generous stage you’ve set!

Visit Reg at Hero Of The Week, a special blog he has set up just for this purpose! (Reg is the author of Elemental Truths); from his header:

Elemental Truths is proud to honor people who have made extraordinary contributions to our local and global community or performed epic actions to fulfill a need.

And don’t stop at my award; I’m actually number 8— check out the first 7 heroes! So great that Reg asks us what our favorite posts are; I loved being able to dip into his honoree’s archives that way.


I am humbled to be in this great company!

Hero Row Thus Far:

Visit my award to see who I nominated for an upcoming edition!


  1. says

    Aloha Rosa – you deserve this award for so many reasons from me, that a brief comment doesn’t do it justice. For now, I’ll just say thank you for continuing to be my hero, in so many ways!