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Komo ‘āpana; Let’s go visiting in our community shall we?

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Happy two-year blog anniversary to John Richardson

It’s 6-months strong at Joyful Jubilant Learning, and we’re celebrating with a special announcement!

Next, Two new blogs I’m watching and reading, thanks to only two degrees of HC separation:

Happy Rant

First degree: Phil Gerbyshak here, pointing us to Curt Rosengren’s newest offering. There seems to be a blog-starting trend for all that is happy and joyful to shut out the negativity in our world, and I am all for it!

Read why Curt has started the blog on the About Page; he says it well (and you’ll think twice about what you watch on the news each day). Check out the Positive Blogs blogroll at Happy Rant, and fill your web-surfing with more positive voices.

The Impassioned Workforce

First degree: Blaine Collins here, commenting for Gabriella O’Rourke. For me, Gabriella’s description of what she considers an impassioned workforce to be is all about ho‘ohana. Read her page called, What is the Impassioned Workforce?

Good stuff too in the post that Blaine and I both comment about, be sure you read, Deeper curiosity reveals surprising strengths, about something so simple any manager can do in their very next staff meeting.

April Ho‘ohana: What’s the ‘Imi ola connection in this posting?

Make no mistake, web-surfing is a creative force for you. What you surround yourself with, and immerse yourself into reading during your free time (or ‘idle time’ taking a break and web-surfing) has a huge impact on “how you create your best possible life.”

What you read affects your mood, and it can turn the tide in a day’s events when you get back to work.

Bit by bit, what you read infiltrates your mana‘o, that which you believe in. Subconsciously, when we seek to create our futures, we all create sustenance for what we believe in and what we value, and perpetuating our values is a good thing! So, how do you perpetuate them? Choice by choice with where you direct your attentions.