Sunday Reading with A Love Affair with Books 2007

How about we change it up with something different from the Sunday Reviews I’ve been using to showcase my Writing Elsewhere category here?

Great conversations happening over at Joyful Jubilant Learning so far, and I guarantee it’s the place you want to be this Sunday! These are the books and reviews that are already posted:

March 1: Made to Stick, written by Chip and Dan Heath
Reviewed by Tim Milburn

March 2: Setting the Table, written by Danny Meyer
Reviewed by me!

March 3: GRUB, written by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry
Reviewed by Mary Hunt

March 4: Love is the Killer App, written by Tim Sanders
Reviewed by Benjamin Bach

As of this writing there are about two dozen comments and trackbacks there, so get in the conversation!

Next Sunday, March 18th, will be our first Trackback Sunday in connection with the ALAWB, and it’s your chance to get in on the action. If you didn’t sign up to post a book review there at JJL, post one sometime this week on your own blog, and then send a trackback to the post that will be up there next Sunday. Dropping a link in the comments will work out fine too.

Come on, participate! What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!

The way a book is read- which is to say,

the qualities a reader brings to a book-

can have as much to do with its worth

as anything the author puts into it.

~ Norman Cousins ~

If you have been counting on my Sunday Reviews, click in to and look at the Recent Posts there; you’ll find the trackback there too.

I would also like to send a very warm thank you to Rich Griffith for this terrific posting he did on my Daily 5 Minutes. Mahalo nui Rich!