Remarkable Leadership, Trust, and Aloha

How ‘bout a Talking Story date?

This coming Tuesday, March 27 at 12noon ET (that’s 6am for us in Hawai‘i!) I’m scheduled to chat with Kevin Eikenberry for A Remarkable Leadership Guest Tele-seminar. As readers of Talking Story, and members of our Ho‘ohana Community, you get a free seat to the tele-seminar on Kevin!

We’ll be talking about trust
; trust as a value, trust in leadership, trust in organizational cultures, and what you can do to build more trust in your relationships as you scale the four peaks of Managing with Aloha; live, work, manage, lead.

Kevin and I have great fun together; and we never fail to learn from each other in the process. This time, you can join our conversation, and in the energy created by our mutual thirst for learning. Talking about trust promises to stir up some great discussion.

Here’s the link for your free ticket: A Conversation with Rosa Say, hosted by Kevin Eikenberry, creator of the Remarkable Leadership Learning System.

Make sure to sign up even if the time doesn’t work for you, and you can’t listen live — all who register automatically receive a recording and transcript of the call to listen and learn whenever they’d like!