I’d like you to meet Dean Boyer

Dean was one of the first educators to contact me after he had read Managing with Aloha. I was absolutely delighted, for next to ‘managing’ and ‘work,’ ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ may very well be the English words I most frequently use in MWA. For example ”

“I stand firm and unmoving in my belief that someone who calls themselves a manager of people must be a learner, and the must dedicate themselves to non-stop, sequential and consequential learning ” It is by remaining students that managers become better teachers, and great managers teach and teach constantly.”
Managing with Aloha, pages 136-137

You may have already met Dean through Joyful Jubilant Learning, where he joined the Ho‘ohana Community there this month as a guest author, reviewing Authentic Leadership by Bill George, a wonderful choice (Dean has a short bio there too). Yes indeed ” education, management, authenticity, aloha, teaching, and learning all go together very vibrantly— they reinvent together (another one of my favorite words).

So now, I have the special pleasure of introducing Dean to you as my collaborator on The Teaching with Aloha Blog. For more, continue reading this article I have just done for www.managingwithaloha.com: What is Joy in the Work of Teaching?

It starts;

One thing is for certain, teaching is not just for teachers.

I am now three years into the executive and organizational consulting I do in bringing Managing with Aloha to the workplace. That makes it four years that I have been self-employed and out of corporate life, however my coaching work creates a real-time, living laboratory for me that is far more expansive, for it keeps me part of several different working venues with a host of fascinating people exploring their ho‘ohana; the joy they bring to their work. I love it.

In doing what I do in this living laboratory, I am becoming more and more convinced every day, that managing well is more about teaching well than anything else.
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Dean introduces himself to you here: Welcome to our Blog! Click over and say aloha.


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    I am in love with the new blog, dearest Rosa! Congratulations on this spectacular new direction, and in finding Dean as a collaborator!
    I look forward to seeing what you create!

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    Rosa, being in the ‘learning mode’ is essential for managers and employees, alike. The CEO must also be in the ‘learning mode’… else, business will not survive. Lee Thayer does talk about this so much in his writing, as do you … that is almost seems intuitive.
    But, too many of us rely on past successes, and forget to keep eyes and ears open, heart and mind open, in order to learn what we need to do TODAY… Your blog is key to helping us focus on the learning mode.

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    Aloha Stacy, mahalo for the compliments and encouragement! It does feel good to be in the creation and invention mode, and having a collaborator like Dean makes it doubly sweet.
    Yvonne, it is always so good to have you stop by! I thought of Lee’s book recently when writing up our 2nd Trackback Sunday for JJL – send something our way!
    When you are in the learning mode you describe, teaching becomes the most natural thing in the world, for teaching is then the sharing of what you’ve learned with others – and this second teaching is terrific for one’s clarity in comprehension and retention!