Add Value to People

Tim Milburn is one of my heroes. Has been ever since I’ve known him. Tim inspires me.

Here is another reason why; Tim has done something fabulous yet again:

Add Value to People

For the next 103 days, I figure I can be in the Tim and Kerry parade doing one of their suggestions a day. Join me, for it’s pure aloha, freely given.

Click on the cover and download your copy today.


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    You are the coolest. Thanks for supporting the cause. If I were to put a picture on the cover of the ebook, it would be yours. You probably don’t need to read the ebook…you already live a life that adds value to people in SO MANY ways.

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    Mahalo nui Tim, that is a kind thing to say! We can all use help and more coaching in being better than we are (including me!) and your e-book is a terrific reminder of that. The suggestions you give are simple and don’t take much; we SHOULD all be doing these things! I hope you – we! – are successful at creating some new habits for people with this.
    We are all capable of much more good spread through our world, and for me, your e-book says, “So let’s do it now!”