Sunday Review 5: It’s time for Aloha!

In this past week we said goodbye to January and hello to February, opening our arms wide to celebrating the Hawaiian value of Aloha. Our Ho‘ohana for the month:

Aloha; a Celebration of Who We Are
Our Ho‘ohana is the work we do with purpose, with passion, and with full intentional presence.


In my Writing Elsewhere this week;

  • On Managing with Aloha Online: The All-Star Line-up of Aloha. This posting kicks off the deeper study of Aloha for the MWA practitioners this month. I added a Postscript on: How to Read Managing with Aloha which those of you who have my book may also be interested in.
  • On the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network: Exciting stuff! We have kicked off the 3rd Annual Love Affair with Books here, and we already have nine sign-ups for book reviews as of this writing. How about you? Are you in?
  • On Training the Trainer: 5 Basics. A short excerpt to explain the why I wrote this one:This week, I’d like to offer you some suggestions on where to improve upon the training that all your managers will do in-house, and for the sake of their own credibility as managers and as emerging leaders.


    Great Managers develop their own training skills and style, and in doing so, they simultaneous develop a stage presence which either adds to their credibility, or will unfortunately detract from it. When you train, your demeanor, this ‘stage presence’ gives your audience a clear message on both your command of the subject, and your confidence. This is pretty significant when your ‘audience’ is composed entirely of your staff.

Bonus Link! I welcomed my first guest author of 2007 to and his article for us is witty yet sincerely written. Please join me in a hello to Steve Davidson, for Hawaiian Smarts, where he asks, Are Hawaiians the Smartest People in World?