Writers Up To The Plate

Ka lā hiki ola, and the dawning of a new day has certainly arrived at Lifehack.org!

Baseball_hitLeon Ho, our mighty leader there, has rolled out a welcome mat in front of our dug-out, inviting in a pretty dynamite arsenal of pinch hitters! I still have my every-Thursday position in the line-up, but there’s no resting on my laurels :-0 I mean, past hitting stats.

If you haven’t been to a game there lately, time to grab some popcorn or peanuts and head for the bleachers. Meet our new players!

Check out these RBI’s; a few of my favorites to clear the blog-clutter bases!

Uh, just one question Leon, how about more women? You guys are all great, but I’m feeling a little lonely in the locker room as the guys stir up a ruckus in theirs … getting loud in there … Sure was glad to see Susan come in!

By the way, if you’ve missed my index, I’ve moved my past Thursdays’ hitting stats from www.managingwithaloha.com to the left column here.


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    Excellent post to list out the heroes of lifehack.org!
    Lifehack.org came from a long way since 2005 and I am glad we have such a great support from many talented people and community for readers. (Thank you)
    By the way, we have one more female guest contributor who will come in next week. I hope this will stir up your side of the locker room! :)

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    Hey ~ This is Susan. Glad to be in the company of such a gregarious team. Your comment reminded me of my days in high school as a competitive swimmer (I swam from age 8 to 18). For my freshman and sophomore year there were only 5 young women on a team of 50 or so. We had the locker room to ourselves then too. This is like ‘the good old days’. [Junior and Senior year we had a girls team…]
    Best to you & yours!

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    An interesting list of links I’m just about to dive into, but before I ‘head to the stadiums’ and watch the ‘teams play’ I did want to humbly suggest you consider the option of possibly turning off that snap preview.
    The first time, it’s a novel interruptive technique the disengages me from your writing. But the second, third, and 200th time, it becomes extremely annoying and a waste of bandwidth, essentially curbing this readers interest in subscribing to your RSS.
    It’s only one point of view, but hopefully you’ll consider it either now or in the future.

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    Rosa, good recap… I should visit Lifehack. I must admit that I have not. This also reminds me of a series we did on “Where are the women…” about a year ago now as you may recall. While there are a number of women writing I guess they still have not come into this arena.
    Interesting point of view Romer!can. I kind of like Snap. It does spark some interest to go elsewhere, which I usually end up not doing. It is also something that can be avoided so I have not been turned off by it.
    That said, I wonder what the real benefit is? If it is an easy link elsewhere, and I as admit, I don’t follow choosing to continue reading this posting, it is a potential distraction, does it help Rosa to attract readers? or does it not?
    As writers we want to attract readers, and provide a service (i.e. something of value to retain and get them to return), but does the service extend to providing the readers an easy out?
    I need to think about this some more.

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    Aloha Susan, welcome to Talking Story, and to the locker room!
    Romer!can, thank you for stopping by. Your comment was the proverbial straw for me, and I have turned off the Snap preview for it was starting to annoy me too. I had initially done it wanting to highlight the bloggers of the Ho‘ohana Community Voices listing, but agree that it is way too much of a distraction with everything else.
    Steve, I thought of our past series on the blog Synergy too! Here is a link for any readers who may be interested:
    I will admit that I didn’t notice the lack of women authors on Lifehack.org while reading the blog, for women do actively engage in the comment conversation with us there, however it really jumped out at me as I wrote this posting.