Sunday Reading: This Week’s Review

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“This is the season of stress for most people. Something about the approach of Christmas heightens the hunger inside each of us for something more than what we are living with. We long for peace but stay overcommitted. We long for truth but are afraid to face it. We hunger for a Father but hide our faces from Him.” Photo from Flickr.

—Sheila Walsh, The Women of Faith Daily Devotional, December 2nd entry

It needn’t be that way.

Author Sheila Walsh goes on to ask that we put our faith in the Lord. In our Ho‘ohana this month, I encourage you to think about using your own personal values to alleviate any stress too. Have you seen it yet?

Our December Ho‘ohana; Nānā i ke kumu, Look to your Source
Even if you did read it on December 1st, check out the new trackback there for the follow-up article called Nānā i ke kumu is all about YOU.

And one each from the other blogs I’ve written for this week;

  • On Managing with Aloha Online: Seasonal Aloha, Kākou. About the MWA values of Aloha, Kākou and ‘Ohana as thoughtfully shared in many Hawaii hotels this holiday season.

Do read the rich comments on the article (Mahalo to Steve, Carolyn, and Dwayne for sharing them!) and check out some of the other postings.

  • On Getting Great Attitude. You think you just hire for it? Think again. I start the article with this quote from Colleen C. Barrett:

Work is either fun or drudgery.
It depends on your attitude.

I like fun.

Enjoy your Sunday.