Always did like the number 5!

Blogs are such social media. Gotta love them.

I was tagged yesterday by Carolyn Manning and Tony D. Clark to share five things with you which you may not know about me.

Like Tony shared yesterday, what I love about this is how it adds to the open transparency of what we do as bloggers. Besides the five things about Carolyn (aka Barbara the tree climber) and Tony (Greg is helping me get him to Hawaii), I’ve read, smiled, and laughed with so many in our community! Check-out Mod-Squad Blaine, Troy the sappy romantic (I thought so…), fellow Oprah fan Jodee, and Mike the Poet (and I didn’t know it!) Phil, being Phil, had the first one I read ” Game on!

Okay, here are my five things, taking my inspiration from my Dad’s birthday yesterday, and the picture I posted there;

  1. I love to sew, but unfortunately, it is something I rarely make time for anymore. Made my wedding dress and my sister’s prom dress. Will someone tell my husband I’d LOVE a new sewing machine for Christmas? No, don’t. I think it’s one of those things I should buy for myself (too picky ”“ that’s one and a half about me.)
  2. Speaking of the darling, bestest in the world husband I have, he’s actually my number two hubby. Number one was a commercial diver and fisherman, and he died early in our marriage on a dive; got the bends (it was over in an instant for him ”air embolism in his brain).
  3. No one called me Rosa until I was about twelve. My dad used to call me Bones because I was a very athletic and active tomboy when I was younger, and skinny as you could consider “still healthy” to be. Up in my share of trees too Carolyn; trained-to-fruit-low mango trees are the best.
  4. So my dad is the one who started calling me Rosa. He came up with it when my mom started begging him to call me something “gracious” because she hoped I’d grow up to be more feminine one day, and calling me “Bones” was not helping.
  5. What did everyone call me? Liann. The name on my birth certificate is Roseliann; Rose after my maternal grandmother and Liann after my paternal grandmother who was a Lillian. Today I’m Rosa to just about everyone (my dad never told me why he wouldn’t call me Liann too).

The hardest thing for me about this is tagging only five more of you, so I’m not counting, just tagging off the top of my head: I tag Steve Sherlock, Toni Howard, Tim Milburn, Dwayne Melancon, John Richardson, Rebecca Thomas, Maria Palma, Leah Maclean, Pete Aldin and Dan Oestreich (if anyone could make this playful meme philosophically beautiful, it would be Dan.) I can do 10 if I got tagged twice, right?

I’m pretty sure someone already tagged Stacy Brice, Terry Starbucker and Dan Ward (know I read it, but can’t remember where, if not I tag you again!) and I know that Tony tagged Greg Balanko-Dickson, Dave Rothacker, and Karen Wallace. I tag Chris Owen, to get her Pink Apple RSS lighting up again (she has been a Christmas angel, writing for JJLN before her own blog!) Oh, and Wayne Turmel, I definitely tag you! So start writing everyone, I can’t wait to read your five helpings of goodness too! 

Hey, this is a great way to enliven your Daily 5 Minutes! Share one tidbit per minute!


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    Rosa ”“ Thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us. To me, it’s the little stories that make up a person.
    It’s funny how names seem to fit people ”“ based just on what you’ve known them as. I’d say you look much more like a Rosa than a Liann.
    The dress in the picture is amazing, what a great talent. Buy yourself a new sewing machine for Christmas, you shouldn’t let that talent lay idle :)

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    Hi Rosa,
    This is such a fun game! I just glanced at my sewing machine; it needs to be dusted.
    Oh! You have the dubious distinction of being my first trackback/pingback at WordPress.

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    I’ve been tagged

    Yes it’s been ages since I wrote a post for Take A Bite and in my head I’ve got a zilllion posts I want to get down on to this keyboard. So writing this post was NOT where I thought

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    Wow Rosa, I didn’t know about your full name before, and I wondered why I’ve seen Liann referenced with you in a few places. Very cool! Thanks for playing along.

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    Thanks Tony; I do need to get more sewing time in before the eyesight gets any worse! My mom had sent me to learn it from the Japanese ladies at the Hongwanji Hall during my summers, and I was most grateful she did with each Halloween costume my kids wanted but couldn’t be bought. My best creation was my daughter’s green corduroy stegosaurus.
    Carolyn, I love that distinction! Quite cool, however I am sure I’m but the first of many, many more to come for you.
    Phil, I think the only place I’ve used the Liann in a random impulse was with my Technorati profile … if you’ve seen it anywhere else it’s not me!

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    Okay, Rosa, this is definitely a challenge of the first order. I’ll start working on it! And as to the philosophy, it’s pretty simple. You can’t trust and collaborate with people you don’t know. As in the first verse of Bill Stafford’s poem, A Ritual to Read to Each Other:
    If you don’t know the kind of person I am
    and I don’t know the kind of person you are
    a pattern that others made may prevail in the world
    and following the wrong god home we may miss our star.
    This great game of tag is just to ask, “Who are you really that I’m tagging? Please tell me!”
    Best to you … and thanks (I think!?)

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    My goodness, this game has reaped such bounty!
    Dan, when you accept a challenge you do it magnificently. I love the poem you share here and your post is pure wonder – you are a storyteller extraordinaire! Ho‘ohana Community, read what Dan has written here:
    When we were young I remember playing tag all the time, but it took blogging for this delight to happen with being “it.”

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    Rosa so sorry to hear about your first husband … and so glad to hear about your second! (Hope that makes sense)
    This is a really interesting meme. Thanks for inviting me to play. Hope you get that sewing machine! My mother-in-law is a keen & incredibly talented seamstress too. It’s a valuable and disappearing art.

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    Thank you Pete. My heart went out to you and Janine in reading your story about your son (within your 5×5 post). Yet we must believe in the higher calling our loved ones get when they must leave us, and I am glad to know you feel closure is near.
    This meme has been interesting, hasn’t it? Funny; I hadn’t thought about my sewing for a very long time, and today I did some quick work on my old one ”“ quite prehistoric compared to the new offerings one can buy, but it did the trick!

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    That interesting meme

    After watching so many people around me do this meme, I was finally tagged by Rosa. So after some thought (and consulting my coworkers), I finally came up with a few things.
    For those of you who havent seen this meme before, youre asked t…

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    It took some serious thought (and conversation with a coworker who is like a second mother to me) to come up with mine.
    I think the very first part of mine explains why this meme is so challenging.
    Thank you for tagging me!

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    Aloha Maria and Rebecca, and thank you for playing. I love discovering these wonderful interests I did not know you had up until now, and yet more intrigue remains – for what we’ve all shared is just the tip of the iceberg; we have so much more sharing to do! Over time it will happen, and that is a sweet thought indeed.