2006 Talking Story Countdown!

I am two days away from hiatus! —remember Our Talking Story Ho Ho Ho is coming! ???


So at this very posting moment, I’m working on preparing tomorrow’s Hō‘ike‘ike!

As we have come to expect from our Ho‘ohana Community, the contributions are fantastic ”“ wait ‘til you see!

Meanwhile, here are some other things you can click in to today;

My Thursday article for Lifehack.org is about how you influence the customer service you receive; The Smiling Customer is You!

The story I tell there is very fresh; another connection was successfully made on my flight yesterday from the Big Island to O‘ahu. Felt so great :-)

Dwayne Melancon had written a terrific article about preparing well when we have negotiations to do: Prepare to negotiate. I’d commented for him;

This is a terrific post Dwayne, thank you for the thought you put into it for us. We offer some pointers on negotiating for win-win agreements within our Managing with Aloha class on Lōkahi, (harmony and unity, and considered the Hawaiian value of teamwork) and what you’ve offered here will help me polish up my coaching notes!
Do you have any specific advice to offer after the fact, i.e. with follow-up?

Dwayne answered my comment with a whole ‘nother post today, called When the dealin’s done, and the combination of his two articles are definitely keepers you should be tagging.

Another kind of tagging; the most recent responses to our game of blog tag this month has come from Wayne Turmel ”“ and it is pure Wayne! Read it and chuckle along as I did: Ouch, I’ve been tagged.

Did you miss any of our other taggee delights? I’ll keep updating the list here: Sunday Review 2: Trackbacks Rule.

By the way, you have all taken the hint very graciously … mahalo for all the trackbacks which have come in since then!

How is your gift shopping coming along? If you are preparing for another trip to the mall, Karen Wallace has wonderfully beefed up some advice I’d offered from my own experience with gift selection in Victim to the Gift Scramble ”“ again!

Karen has written, Finding meaning in giving gifts, and I would venture to guess that those who get a gift from Karen this holiday will be very pleased indeed.

1. Then, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Hō‘ike‘ike ”“ don’t forget!


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    Thanks for the trackback and mention, Rosa.
    Now, if we weren’t half a world apart, I’d invite you over for a great chat over a cuppa and a piece of my great-grandma’s special shortbread (freshly baked, and smelling divine, of course:)