Pointers: GTD, the New World, Workplaces, and Learning Projects

We’ve cinched up the last hefty sack of earthquake rubble. If we take advantage of this past Sunday’s shaker and do some really deep cleaning we can do much more, but needing a break I’ve been writing again instead. It feels wonderful!

GTD and Nalu it Part 2

I didn’t write up the part two of the GTD post I had promised you though, sorry. I won’t forget, and if that’s what you’re mostly interested in, do visit Dwayne for the other parts of his GTD Odyssey; he’s on Part 3 as I write this, and he talks about some other tools he’s discovered along the way.

Learning Goodness

What I did write about is more on learning, (‘Ike loa) our value of the month for the second month running —with very good reason.

As you know, LEARNING is a huge, huge topic, so huge that we were bursting with it here on Talking Story alone; the leap forward we took in creating the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network as our new Ho‘ohana Online Community project was, in my mind, both glorious and inevitable.

Learning Projects with JJLN

Here are some current JJLN pointers since I had last written about it here on Talking Story with JJLN and Sense of Place:

How do YOU get involved with JJLN?

This post spells it out, sharing 3 different ways:

1. Comment, Join the Discussion, or Link.
2. Prepare for Future Learning Forums, and
3. Participate in a Learning Project.

Neat thing, learning as we go: This post itself was a first project of sorts for us, for we wrote it collaboratively in our learning with the pros and cons between using Google Group Pages and Writely (which is now integrated into Google Docs & Spreadsheets).

Project #1 ”“ The Learning Journal | Worksheet

The very smart Tim Milburn, master of the downloadable one-page template, took the lead with our very first Learning Project, and wow, what a winner! Be part of this project group by grabbing your print-ready copy of the download, using it, and giving Tim and the rest of your JJLN collaborative community learners your feedback.

The New World and the New Workplace

My own writing? I finished up what I think of as a trilogy of articles for my friend Leon at Lifehack.org. Trusting, generous, and fully supportive of everything Managing with Aloha, Leon gives me full freedom to write for him as I wish to, and what I write there is often exactly what I am currently thinking about. More often than not, our monthly ho‘ohana and value of the month here will factor into it.

In short, this trilogy of articles offers coaching on your current learning habits if you are to be a smart New Student in our amazing New World and in the should-be-new-too Workplace. The first of the three was actually written back in August, with the JJL’06 community forum slightly shifting my focus between then, and the writing of the last one for Lifehack.org just yesterday. So to frame all three with a better summary and introduction, I wrote an article for www.managingwithaloha.com:

The Workplace is Changing. Are You?

Here is a snippet:

I can assure you without a moment’s hesitation, that there is absolutely no question whatsoever my management style today would be much, much different than it was in even my most recent corporate position held in 2003.

Why? The world of today is different, and thus, it demands it.

From my perception of it, there have been fairly radical changes over as little as the last four to six years, and when I consider the environment of most of the workplaces I visit, I have to wonder, Why haven’t they noticed it too?

You can read more by clicking over. Links to the trilogy are there:

– An Environment for Learning

– The New World of Today’s Student

– My Employer, My New World Teacher