Joyful Passion and Ho‘ohana

These days, if I am not somehow consumed by specific action commitments with SAY LEADERSHIP COACHING (my business) and Managing with Aloha (my work’s mission), I find I am instantly thinking about only one other thing; the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network, and what I will do there next, whether it is visible to everyone else, or behind the scenes.

Why? Because it is all about Passion.
And Passion? It absolutely does make me feel joyful and jubilant. Like joy, JJLN has become an exquisite experience.

Not since my writing and publication of Managing with Aloha have I felt this sense of something great stirring. There is something happening there, and we all know it.

The people now involved with JJLN eagerly volunteer to be passionate. They volunteer their time, whatever energy they have to give, and their very precious attentions to JJLN because they are driven by the passion of joyful, deliberate intention. Their leap of faith back in the waning days of September when JJLN was a fuzzy idea, has become our constant celebration of passion in less than a month’s time.

They, those who are involved with JJLN, are all people in our community who are obsessed with learning, who love to write, and who adore the thoughts of working at learning with others who are equally excited, intelligent and highly perceptive, respectful, trustworthy, and zealously passionate about community collaboration. They have come to love supporting each other, and encouraging you.

I talk a lot about Ho‘ohana here
; you’ve come to know it is my mantra, my guiding light, my life’s fire. Ho‘ohana is passion at work (with ‘work’ as the verb). It is the work of joy’s calling.

If ho‘ohana is something you feel still eludes you, if it is something you are still looking for, and hoping to discover, join the community at our Joyful Jubilant Learning Network. I promise you, we’ll help you find it. That’s what being around people of passion delivers, for passion is infectious, exhilarating, and superbly, beautifully, JOYOUS.

People with passion create ho‘ohana and they eagerly share it.

Click over to JJLN and get involved. There’s a lot of joy to go around.

How Do YOU Get Involved in JJLN?

Redefine the word “work” and make it yours.


Working with intent and with purpose.

There are far too many negative connotations being spoken in connection with the word “work,” when in practice they should overwhelmingly be positive and energizing instead. There can be, and should be, great fulfillment and pleasure in work. It should feel wonderfully satisfying when you say, “Boy, I really worked hard today.” For this to happen, you must work with purpose, and feel that your work is worthwhile.

Work in celebration of your natural strengths, talents, and gifts. Work at something you love doing. Work to fulfill your personal mission. Work to make a difference. Work to serve others well. Work for a cause you deeply care about. Work to leave a legacy. Work to create a better future. Work to deliver a gift to humanity. Do these things, and you Ho‘ohana. You work passionately and you work intentionally. You work for yourself.

Ho‘ohana urges you to indulge in your passion for the pleasures of work by choosing the right work in the first place. You work where and when it enlivens and moves you, and it feels so wonderful to be creative and productive, to celebrate your talent, knowledge and skill. Work becomes that third of your life where you gain meaning, fulfillment and fun. Contrary to popular belief, this is a reality not reserved for entrepreneurs and those who are self-employed: It can be reality for everyone. Why not let it be yours?

From Managing with Aloha, page 31


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