JJLN and Sense of Place

In the first 14 days of the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network coming to be, The Twelve KÅ«puna who have accepted their calling to leadership there are writing their first posts.

It is my turn today, and I have written on what these First 14 Days have come to mean for me. A computer crash-and-rebuild (yes, the old Toshiba died last week) and much-too-much to do, was not, and still is not enough to keep me away from this project: I quickly decided to “Nalu it” and one of the things I am already learning is how adaptable I can be when I definitively DECIDE to do something and give in completely to the excitement of it. It feels great. JJLN feels very, very right.

I invite you there for the reading: The First 14 Days: JJLN and Sense of Place.


What you see in this picture is the emerging green shoot of the legendary silversword which grows in the crater of Haleakala (the name translates to house of the rising sun) on the island of Maui. My friend Jim, who coincidentally was the same one to save my hard drive data! —had taken the picture when we last hiked the crater, and I decided it is the perfect personal logo for me in taking this step forward with JJLN. I am green with possibility, but the silvering will happen.

When you read my post there my choices will become clearer.

Have you picked up your feed or subscribed for the JJLN emails yet? You really, really need to. Click over and meet the KÅ«puna who are getting us underway in some very joyful, very jubilant learning excitement.

This is great company to be in!

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And then? You shall see! The silvering of the sword will begin.


The Haleakala silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. macrocephalum) was near extinction in the 1920’s because of human vandalism and browsing by goats and cattle. The plant has increased under protection and deserves attention as the most dramatic conservation success story of the Hawaiian Islands. Read more about it here.

More pictures of my last hike to Haleakala are here.