Introducing JJLN: the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network

Yes, it is October 1st, and yes, this is not my normal Ho‘ohana essay for the first day of the month. It will be posted tomorrow, for today, I have a very important announcement to share with you.

Introducing JJLN:

the Joyful Jubilant
Learning Network

We weren’t even a week into Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006 when I began to suspect that something was stirring.

JJL ‘06 has the distinction of being the 9th Forum we have done as the Ho‘ohana Community of Talking Story and Managing with Aloha, and we, both contributors and readers, have fallen in step in a certain pattern of mutual respect and support. Yet this time, something was different.

This time, when the forum drew to a close with September 2006, we wouldn’t be quite the same.

I wasn’t alone in sensing the air was charged with a new energy. To the contrary, several of us felt this stirring, and very quickly began to realize it would change us.

Yet even though they couldn’t see where they would land, the vast majority of The Several jumped in with both feet. They felt perfectly at ease with knowing that when they did land, they’d be hitting the ground running, they’d be in great company, and they could learn to navigate wherever the next road was leading. That was all they needed to know. Of that, they were sure.

They had arrived at a Place of Knowing and of Practiced Believing.

That Place of Knowing and of Practiced Believing now has a name, and a new place it will be calling home. It is called the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network, a place where the Ho‘ohana Community will now welcome others to jump in, land well and hit their own ground running in the arms of virtual collaborative learning.

JJLN will welcome you at midnight tonight (Hawaii time.)

Prepare to jump.

Ready, Set, Let’s go!

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