Live” Learn” Lead!

Are you looking to feel alive, really alive, and wondering how to do it? Are you looking to be a leader in your field, and wondering how to do it? Are you wondering what these two questions have in common? I’m here to say, to stay live, and to be a leader in your field, the key element is learning, and re-learning.

When my grandmother was alive, I used to go over to the senior living community where she lived, and I was continually amazed at how alive the people there seemed, especially for being so old. And I was also amazed at how some of the oldest looking people were actually some of the youngest people in the building. Their secret? They kept learning new things, new games, new hobbies, and kept meeting new people, and this kept them young. The ones that stayed in their rooms and didn’t socialize,  or didn’t try new things, got older faster than the ones who were actively learning new things.

Think about the people in your network. Who do you want to invest the most time with? Do you want to be with the person who hasn’t picked up a book since high school, or the person who is continually reading new articles, who’s learning new hobbies, who’s sharing what they know with you and encouraging you to learn more? Unless you’re one of those people who are annoyed by people who know more than you do, I’ll bet you enjoy the company of the person with the new ideas, the one that’s full of life, energy and knowledge.

What does all of this have to do with leading and leadership? EVERYTHING. If you’re a leader, and you’re not staying ahead of the times by learning new things in new ways, you’re soon to be an extinct leader. And if you’re extinct, you’re dead.

So in order to live, you must learn, and in order to lead, you must learn. So live”learn”lead! It’ll change your life and help you Make It Great!

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    You are so right about wanting to be around others who are constantly learning. It’s easy to find out interesting things when we first meet someone. As time goes on, those who make a habit of trying new things, learning, and sharing that learning, are like magnets who attract and keep our attention.
    Thanks for encouraging us to live, learn, and lead.

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    What strikes me is the ones who stay in their rooms and those that get out and socialize is a matter of choice – a choice to give up and die or a choice to live and thrive.
    Adapting to ones circumstances and trying to make the most of where you are planted is a choice that you make in your conscious or unconscious – making a conscious choice – is a life management skill and a trait of effective personal leadership.

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    I think you’ve revealed a key Greg, in that personal leadership is the early germination of our growing, eventually personifying the magnetic kind of leadership attraction (love that visual!) that Blaine has mentioned. Indeed, personal leadership IS about exercising our power of choice, and following it up with the visible and self-affirming action that enlivens us.
    I agree with Dave Phil; as usual, you have written a short but sweet-spot, direct-coaching post which has become your trademark of positive enthusiasm —an energy fix we’ve all come to rely on!

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    Blaine, Dave, Greg & Rosa:
    Thank you for your comments. I agree with all you’ve said, and am glad to share the energy with all of you. I choose to do that, because sharing what I have with all of you, and then reading your encouraging notes, gives me the energy to continue to do so.
    An energy fix for now, but don’t forget to take an energy break and re-charge those batteries!

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    Live Learn Lead – Connections

    Two great quotes from today’s session at PodCamp Boston .
    Christopher Penn referenced a Japanese term for martial arts that I would paraphrase as “Every experience contains the potential for the fulfillment you seek.”

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    Well said Phil! There is absolutely no doubt that if I wasn’t learning constantly, I couldn’t do an effective job of leading. My teammates depend on me to “stay ahead of the curve”, and while it’s a challenge, it’s an interesting and always intellectually stimulating adventure. And without a challenge like that, I’d probably wither away (or go “extinct”, as you call it). Thanks for another high energy post, and you bet we’ll keep Making it GREAT!