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jjlearning2006Update: I will be updating the index below daily, with links to the articles which have been posted.

We also got a jump on things here: Learning Needs a Cool Factor and I highly recommend you click into the discussion, including this article by Dwayne Melancon: Ashamed of our naked skins.

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At the end of this week we will begin our annual September tribute to lifelong learning with the Ho‘ohana Community; Joyful, Jubilant Learning 2006 begins with our Ho‘ohana on September 1st.

Our writers have been dreaming, drafting, editing, and planning in some very inspired ways off the blog for nearly a full month now, and I can no longer resist giving you a preview of what is in store for us!

These are the Guest Authors who will make an appearance here on Talking Story during September, with a title grab on the articles they have written to help whet your appetite! Make note of those titles which intrigue you…

There will be a brand new learning essay posted every day of the month: Make sure you have your RSS feed for Talking Story all set up and ready to go!

9/1 I will start us off with our Ho‘ohana for the month of September on ‘Ike loa, the Hawaiian value of Knowledge, Learning, and Wisdom. My article will be called,
A Place of Knowing and of Practiced Believing”

9/2 From Toni Howard of Imua with Management
It’s an Obsession””

9/3 From Rebecca Thomas of
Exercise Your Passion For Learning”

9/4 From Dan Ward of Rogue Project Leader
Excerpt from “Meet the Boomer Sisters”

9/5 From Adrian Savage of Slow Leadership
Maintaining Your Ignorance”

9/6 From Greg Balanko Dickson of Business Performance Coaching
Disaster and Emergency Planning in the 21st Century”

9/7 From Starbucker of Ramblings From a Glass Half Full
Brother George and the Mid-Term: How One Test Changed My Life (and My Learning)”

9/8 From Andrea Learned of Learned on Women
Learning from the Outside In: One Woman’s Method to Gladness”

9/9 From Phil Gerbyshak of Make It Great!
Live” Learn” Lead!”

9/10 From Kevin Eikenberry of Kevin’s Blog on Learning
Why Learning is a Leader’s Most Important Skill”

9/11 From Leah Maclean of Working Solo
Top 10 Ways to Become Fluent in Technology”

9/12 From Tim Draayer of Live Your Best Life
Learning to Live Through Learning”

9/13 From EM Sky of Mind Unbound
The Joy of Discovery: Designing a Learning Process for the Human Spirit”

9/14 From Dave Rothacker of Rothacker Reviews
Nodes of Knowledge”

9/15 From Dwayne Melancon of Genuine Curiosity
You Never Know…”

9/16 From Chris Owen of Take A Bite! the Pink Apple blog
Shakin’ Off Your ‘Is That All There Is’ Blues”

9/17 From John Richardson of Success Begins Today
Adding SPARK to Your Business”

9/18 From Steve Sherlock of Steve’s 2 Cents
Evolutionary Blogging: Stories that make the connections”

9/19 From Wayne Turmel of The Cranky Middle Manager Show
I Don’t Have a Degree””

9/20 From Lisa Haneberg of Management Craft
Unplanning Learning: Debunking the Merits of a Traditional Corporate Curriculum”

9/21 From Maria Palma of The Good Life
Ten Things I’ve Learned So far in 2006”

9/22 From Tim Milburn of studentlinc.
Content Or Discontent: Which Tent Do You Live In?”

9/23 From Stacy Brice of Virtualosophy
On Being A Serendipitous Learner”

9/24 From Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World
Books, A Lifelong Learning Key”

9/25 From Yvonne DiVita of Lip-Sticking
How Executives Fail: The Learning is in Un-Learning.”

9/26 From Blaine Collins of Stronger Teams Blog
Have We Entered Learning 3.0?”

9/27 Easton Ellsworth of Business Blog Wire
10 Things I Must Have On My Learning Epitaph”

9/28 From Ken Partain of We Make Marketing Easy
Take II—My Midlife Awakening”

9/29 Joyful, Jubilant Learning 2006 will be posted as our recap for the Ho‘ohana Community Forum Archives.

Can’t wait? Visit the archives for
Joyful, Jubilant Learning 2005; 64 Ways and Counting
September Ho‘ohana 2005; Lifelong Learning


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