Adding Synergy to ‘Imi ola

We’re thinking on, and talking about the best form for our lives this month, framed by the Hawaiian value of ‘Imi ola. Last night I spend a good amount of time catching up with the Ho‘ohana Community throughout Blog Land, and I became quite introspective about how knowing many of you only virtually has affected the form for my own life in such a positive and inspiring way.

There is no doubt that adding blogging to my writing repertoire has had this magnificently synergistic effect on the way in which I write, and the frequency in which I do so. There is no doubt that synergy has been created in my relationships, greatly enlarging my capacity for them, and turbo-boosting the energy I gain from investing in them.

For instance, we are ramping up for a fantastic forum in September (click to the announcement on the HC Bulletin Board), and a few of the contributing writers have asked me, “Where do you find the energy to put this together?” because of what is involved behind the scenes as we prepare. The answer, is that I find it in working with them. It IS more, but it is a really, really great more. Synergy has been created for me.

When you believe in the power of synergy, you have an abundance mentality, not one of scarcity or of overwhelm. And it is ‘Imi ola, the value we are studying this month, which helps you with balance.

While I do believe that we must start with some self-imposed structure and direction connected to our own ho‘ohana so it is not neglected, (i.e. so we do not neglect our own passions for a good life), magical things can happen when our “structure” does allow for free-form space in which we allow other good influences to stir us up. For instance, it’s like knowing you want to always include the process of learning into your life, but leaving open the possibilities when it comes to choosing which new discipline, art, or science you’ll opt to learn next.

I believe so strongly in this concept of allowing for synergy to happen, that I refuse to listen when anyone says synergy is just another buzz-word that has become meaningless. I can’t imagine that they would say that, if they themselves actually experienced synergy more often, learning to connect it to the value of ‘Imi ola, continually crafting their own lives, and sculpting it with the wonderful clay added by other people —positive, optimistic, and inspiring people, the ones they have chosen to add to their relationship energies. Just like I choose you, the Ho‘ohana Community of virtual Talking Story readers.

This is also why I choose to write for The blog Synergy too. We talk about different things there, like leadership, the influence of women, goal-setting, processes and programs, but we do so in the context of synergy, and how relationships captured in a brain-trust of team can produce synergy —the subjects are just the ingredients which may make for a tasty synergy stew.

However recently, Troy Worman started a great conversation there bringing us back to a talk story about synergy itself. As you work with me here this month on ‘Imi ola, and sculpting the form for your own best life, I’d recommend you click over to The blog Synergy and read the discussion Troy started. Great stuff, and I’m positive you’ll see the multiple ‘Imi ola connections there. Here’s the link:

What is the stuff of synergy?

Be sure to read the comments too. Add your thoughts.

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When deciding to blog there, my first post on The blog Synergy was called The Third Alternative and shared the Stephen Covey definition which has always appealed to me.

Our Ho‘ohana for the month on ‘Imi ola is exploring Form and Function.

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