The Generosity of Laughter

Getting a Laugh

By Bonnie Hunt [found in O, the Oprah Magazine]


“Sometimes I laugh out loud just remembering someone else laughing out loud. Why does it feel so good to make someone laugh? Because it’s a selfish and generous action, both at the same time. You can see it on babies’ faces, when they do something that causes laughter — the immediate gleam in their eyes. When we make others laugh it’s exhilarating. It means someone was actually listening to us. Laughter also releases endorphins that ease pain, heartache, or sadness (or so goes the theory). What a gift. The wonderful crow’s feet earned around our eyes are memories of laughter. So “boycott Botox!” Try saying that three times really fast. Did I make you laugh? I hope so.”

Bonnie Hunt is currently starring in the film Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
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