Have you noticed? – Issue 2

In the spirit of Lokomaika‘i, our value of the month (giving and generosity), I have noticed that I need to do a better job in sharing some learning links with you!

[Issue 1 was here.]

Our Ho‘ohana community continues to rock and roll!

Great stuff awaits in these links; get inspired, and then ask yourself, In the spirit of Lokomaika‘i, who else can I share this with?

Have you noticed?

” that Stacy Brice wrote an exceptional article for the 4th of July over at Virtual Moxie, called Happy Indepence Day! Now don’t for a moment jump to the conclusion its just a seasonal essay and feel you may have missed the moment, for Stacy gives some outstanding coaching there on how you can create your own personal independence day any day of the year.

Love that word moxie, and I need to use it more…

… that we have found another book fanatic in Terry St.Marie (aka Starbucker) at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full, and those so-called “ramblings” of his are really quite focused. If you want some suggestions so you aren’t aimlessly rambling down the aisles in your next visit to a bookstore, read Terry’s reviews. Here are three to start: click through his blog for more.

The Half-Full Book Review – The Radical Edge by Steve Farber
The Half-Full Book Review – Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz

The Half-Full Book Review ”“ The Joy of Work by Dennis Bakke

… that Wayne Turmel has released his first-ever Cranky Middle Manager e-book! It is called Meet Like You Mean It, and is aimed at helping you get the most out of every meeting you attend and facilitate. I’ve had the opportunity to read it, and Wayne did a fabulous job. I’ve railed against bad meetings before, and how much they can cost you; Here’s an e-book that will give you some immediate help in creating the huddles that make a difference.

Read more about “Meet Like You Mean It”- a Cranky Middle Manager’s Guide to Productive and Painless Meetings. Lisa Haneberg talks about it here too.

Speaking of that “Cranky Middle Manager” in all of us, the one who likes to come out and play, (but then always ends up doing the right thing),

… Wayne has been doing some really terrific podcasts with our Ho‘ohana Community! Have you noticed these? I will admit I am one who isn’t that much into podcasts yet, however when I am in the mood for listening to some great finds I go to Wayne’s place because he is so thoroughly witty and entertaining.

With Adrian Savage, on Slow Leadership. Find out why “Hamburger Management” is Adrian’s pet peeve. [Sidebar: Adrian wrote about it for Leon at Lifehack.org too.] Wayne’s podcast Show Notes and the download are here.

With Lisa Haneberg, on her new book, Focus Like A Laser Beam, 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most. If there is anything better than reading Lisa’s Management Craft and her books, it is having the opportunity listening to Lisa talk about them. Wayne’s podcast Show Notes and download are here.

… Lisa really is my role model when it comes to the approachable, new breed of management and leadership author today. Trust me, if you are a new author, you can learn so much from Lisa over and above what she writes about; I am. Her newest endeavor is with podcasting, and she offers us a whole new way to study a book, and make it real for us. She included me in her new Fireside Chat series, and I was so tickled -and honored.

Lisa introduced her podcast series earlier this month: Fireside Chats about Management and Leadership. She invited 10 different guests to talk story with her on her “10 Ways to Do What Matters Most” when it comes to Focus. First up is Dick Richards of our Ho‘ohana Community, and Lisa is releasing a new installment every Monday and Thursday: There is an RSS feed for the series here.

… When was the last time you visited EM Sky? She has had one sweet reinvention going on with her approach to blogging and web design, combining the two by unveiling three new websites, all in celebration of her Mind Unbound philosphies. (She must be learning Lisa’s Focus methods!) If you have not yet noticed it, EM is in a writing flurry, and her summer articles have been very thought-provoking. Dwayne Melancon mentioned it recently too, adding wonderfully to EM’s human resources musings.

If you have not yet done it, correct your Mind Unbound Feeds by picking up all three of these:

Mind Unbound: The Life Blog
Mind Unbound: The Business Blog
Mind Unbound: The Society Blog
Consider EM’s Newsletter too.

Now,  Have you also noticed?

… that Dwayne Melancon truly is a very generous soul, and he has been my Lokomaika‘i hero this month (well, always, not just this month) with his comments shared here on the Generosity of Silence, and the Generosity of the Huddle. If I ever had a stranger sitting next to me in the middle seat of an airplane, I would want him to be just like Dwayne:

At Genuine Curiosity: Things to Do in the Middle Seat.

Even when Dwayne is talking about pet peeves he is generously coaching us with great tips, like here: Presentation Pet Peeves.

… that Jodee Bock shared a terrific find recently on Johari Windows, and how she uses them in her presentations, at her blog You Already Know This Stuff. A very humble title for Jodee to choose for her blog, for fact is, she teaches me a lot of what I don’t know about yet…

For that Johari Windows post, visit Jodee and read,  How Well Do You Know Yourself?

And while you are there, congratulate her on her second anniversary! We are looking forward to more Jodee.

… that John Richardson has just introduced a new series on Success Begins Today. He calls it Creating SPARK:

“As I have been studying different audio books as part of my MBA on the Run program I have tried to come up with a workable set of values for rating businesses. The concept is to come up with a set of standards that may point to business success. . . I’ve come up with five things that I think cover the major bases and form an easy to remember acrostic.
* Story
* Product or service
* Atmosphere
* Routine
* Key Values.”

In his introduction, John gives a short example using UPS and the men in brown, and in his first installment on Story, he explains why having a compelling one in a business has become so critical.

… that our new author, Phil Gerbyshak, is consistently illustrating for all of us how his sincerity of spirit and aloha-filled generosity translates to community building? Click in to Phil Gerbyshak Challenges You to Make It Great! and check out how he transformed one comment “conversation” into a series of posts. As Trevor Gay would say, “Brilliant.” As I would say, very Lokomaika‘i, generous and giving.

Start here: Who Are You? Answer the question and increase your traffic!

Then go here, and here, and you’ll soon get the idea.

… that Trevor Gay, of Simplicity posted one of the funniest things I have read. This is a must-read if you are a John Cleese fan:

John Cleese Letter to America.

Trevor also collaborated with Felix Gerena and Rocky Noe on soon-to-be-released book called The Three Amigos with One Message. In his announcement, Trevor talks about their virtual process:

I have two good friends Roger (Rocky) Noe from Kentucky USA and Felix Gerena from the Basque Country in Spain. The three of us have never actually met but we have become good friends through our ‘virtual’ connection. We have spoken on Skype and communicated electronically over the last year on a collaborative project to write a book which is now finished and will be published in the next month.

We have established a deep friendship and trust between the three of us despite being separated by thousands of miles, two continents and an ocean. We come from different cultural backgrounds and all of this has been achieved through the joys of electronic communication.

The power of community. And have you noticed? It is out there waiting for you too!

I hope this post leads you to some new connections this weekend: Once you arrive somewhere, in the arms of our Ho‘ohana Community, keep clicking and trust in their direction. However do take some time to comment, and talk story too.

I could very easily keep going with this, for you have all been quite busy! However I will have to end for now and save the rest for the next issue of Have You Noticed? for it is time for me to pack for my annual pilgrimage to Volcano, and the Volcano Run.

Back on Monday, aloha.

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    Wonderful listing Rosa… I could spend all weekend cruising amongst these links for sure. But alas, I can’t do it all weekend. I am off to the Lowell Folk Festival today for six hours of wonderful music.
    Good luck with your run! May the roads/trails be kind to you!

  2. says

    Thanks Rosa for the links – and for your inspiration to revive my love of reading – it was your enthusiasm for “Joy at Work” that sparked me. Enjoy your Vaolcano Run (sounds wonderful)!

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    Thank you so much for your kind words about my book and The Cranky Middle Manager show. Yes, Adrian Savage and Lisa Haneberg were both on the show and we had a lot of fun.
    The show does have some fun, vents some steam and then hopefully adds value to our listeners…which by the way went over 6000 last month (Adrian’s show leading the way) and will top 7,000 this month.
    I’m honored to be part of such a wonderful, supportive and talented circle. (Warm feelings only go so far, at some point folks have to deliver the goods and the people in this network always do)
    Mahalo, Aloha, and as they say in MY homeland… “geez don’t be a stranger, eh?” Somehow that sound better in Hawaiian.