Procrastinate— or not!

I’m supposed to be packing for a Maui trip right now, but I took a break; another way to say I’m delaying the inevitable” is that procrastination?

I’m really looking forward to the Maui coaching and the great people I’ll be with there, it’s the 4-hour airport dance for what should be only 20 minutes of in-the-air time which I’m not looking forward to.

My two buddies over on have a couple of posts up today on procrastination, and it gave me a good chance to dip into my own archives for those of you who are new to Talking Story [Mahalo to Steve for the coaching] This is a habit I still have which has been absolutely golden for me: I am still doing it.

Easy, Cheap Procrastination Killer

Fits in well with our Le‘ale‘a value of playfulness this month!

Don’t forget to visit Leon and Chris at too:

Leon starts off with
Design your own anti-procrastination plan

And Chris jumps in with Procrastinate a bit

Very nānā i ke kumu Chris.

I have a full 7 days of travel ahead of me and posting will probably be light here, so if you want more archive highlights, I’d recommend you go to The Best of Talking Story: Scroll a bit down the left column, right under the Recent Comments heading— or stop there and talk story with the rest of the Ho‘ohana Community.

[Oh; my own archives are all kept on the left column of – mahalo to Leon for the Word Press real estate!]

Maui no ka ‘oi”
here I come. Have a great week :-)