Ho‘ohana Community connections in Washington D.C.

Aloha kaua e,

Just back from Washington D.C. and a wonderful four days in our nation’s Capitol. I had accompanied my daughter to her best friend’s college graduation from George Washington University: Imagine a Sunday with over 4,000 graduates, their family and friends easily numbering six or eight times more, all on the National Mall of the Smithsonian under a cloudless sky listening to a commencement address by President George Bush Sr. and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Who’d have thought this Hawaii girl would go all the way to Washington D.C. for such an unusually shared sunburn”

The whole thing was pretty impressive. Followed up by visits to the Smithsonian museums – love, love, love the newest National Museum of the American Indian – pretty terrific way to spend a Sunday.

This was my second time to Washington D.C. and both visits have been magical memory makers. The first time was, well, my first time, flush with all the historical and cultural enchantment the city serves up so warmly: I can’t imagine any visitor not being dazzled by it all. We had stayed in Georgetown that visit, playing tourist all over town and loving every moment of it.

This time the graduation was the catalyst for the trip, and the celebrations surrounding it filled the weekend wonderfully. I was very proud of Kara, and what she had accomplished there. Added bonuus: her family sure knows how to throw a great party! Washington D.C. is certainly home to some terrific restaurants, and I’ll be adding to my morning run to work it off.

However that wasn’t all”

In the days before and after the graduation weekend events, I was able to meet four different people in our Ho‘ohana Community for the first time in person; Jane Horike of Hilo (her daughter also graduated from GWU), Stacy Brice, Phil Gerbyshak, and Christopher Bailey. Like Stacy says, there was definitely magic!

Aloha connections are the very best kind, aren’t they?

…You give an unconditional love to another human being within the pure joy of having them in your life.
…You are immeasurably grateful for the richness they’ve added to your spirit and sense of well-being, and being with them is the most made-to-be-right thing possible, exactly what the most special friendships are supposed to be.
…You may be meeting personally for the first time, but there is already such history between you, that the caring and comfort is already deep, warm and certain.
…Ironically, after waiting for so long for the day to arrive, you are even okay with saying goodbye when your time is up, because you know it’s only been another beginning, and not an ending at all.

And to think it all started with this thing we call blogging.

It continues with community, and with aloha.
Jane, Stacy, Phil, and Chris, mahalo nui loa. Your hugs will be with me for a very, very long time, your aloha forever.

Hey Steve – there will be a next time!


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    I’m glad you had a wonderful time in Washington, DC. It sounded like a perfect visit!
    I received the postcard today which you all signed. Thanks for thinking of us. Next time we must do a better job of coordinating our locations. We were up in Delaware at a reunion with old friends.
    Blogging is the best way I have found to build a sense of community with new friends in other places. You have escalated the process by creating the Ho‘ohana Community.
    Thank you for showing us your generosity of spirit. You continue to be an inspiration to us all.

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    Rosa, yes, there will be. To know you were so close and yet still so far away… well, no need to regret. Life will provide the opportunity for the next time!
    Glad you enjoy the visit to DC. I have enjoyed my visits there. It is a special place.

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    David, you are right about my need to coordinate better; I will have to let everyone know much farther in advance when I have these treks across the Pacific Ocean and closer to all of you. I will also need to brush up on my geography… just had to look up Delaware to know exactly where you were!
    Steve, you are definitely on my list of people I need to connect up with in person and we will make that next opportunity happen. As for Washington D.C. I truly have fallen in love with the place and know I will visit again.

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    Aloha Adrian, so wonderful to hear from you!
    I understand that you and Dwayne may have had another meet-up in London recently as well… please know that you are on my must-happen future travel itinerary too!