Have you noticed?

community is rockin’ and rollin.’

Have you noticed?

” how Phil Gerbyshak has turned into such a tagging master? Man oh man is he sharing some great pointers with us. And that’s just part of the way his blog is starting to take flight. Great writing and energy there. Pretty exciting.
Like his interview with Hanna Cooper as just one for instance.
” that Ken Partain’s new Daily Choices is “short and deep” reading (my post yesterday)? Ken shares such positive, self-affirming action that will create that aloha abundance for you.

… that just yesterday, Tim Milburn posted a download link for a free new e-book he wrote called Touching All Four, Living Leadership One Base at a TIme? Tim uses a baseball metaphor for leadership which hits a real homerun: you have got to read it.

Have you noticed?

” that Dwayne comes up with some of the very best post titles for Genuine Curiosity? Like, Go ugly early, and even that Incompetence is wonderful. Dwayne, you are wonderful.

” those best management practices Lisa Haneberg collected for all of us so brilliantly? So smart how she enlisted the help of her community judges!
Magnificent choices in our Oregon three :-) As you can imagine I was pretty thrilled to have someone submit the D5M. Mahalo nui Bren for your vote of confidence too.

… While you’re at Lisa’s Management Craft, make sure you sign up for her new newsletter too: Lisa’s coaching is not something you should miss, and you know how she jumps into her new projects with such breakthrough potential. Get infected.

Have you noticed?

” that Christopher Bailey has Dupal’d a new home for the Alchemy of Soulful Work? Bailey WorkPlay is the newest visible connection to his ho‘ohana. Strong mana‘o pono.

” that Skip Angel took on the writings of W.Edwards Deming with such thought and insight? – wow!

” that Troy Worman has a manifesto up for your votes at ChangeThis? I saw that he’s got the most votes as of this writing, but you can still vote yes so he knows how much we love him!

… Speaking of ChangeThis, Kevin Eikenberry will have a manifesto out in the next batch of releases! His manifesto is called, True Teambuilding: More Than a Recreational Retreat. I’ll add the link here when it’s posted.
2/25 Update: click in- it’s here!

Have you noticed?

” that there are a lot of slick new looks and fresh colors changing up some of our favorite blogs? Wayne’s new posting style is picture-rrific. RSS may show you their updates, but I hope you’re clicking in to the blogs themselves! At Steve’s you can eavesdrop on his ever-prolific comments.
… that new colors were just the beginning for EM Sky? New name, new look, new energy! And she did it all herself! Click in to her Mind Unbound.
… and speaking of comments, have you noticed how much fun they are at Yvonne’s Lip-Sticking? Our ever-delightful Barbara Walters of the blogosphere seems to have such a talent at drawing them out from people, even when she’s not interviewing them.

Have you noticed?

” how smart and gracious Felix is? I learn so much about the richness of the European experience from him on Brand Soul.
I love how he makes me think – hard.
… that Scott Hodge’s categories show up now where his blogroll used to be? I had so much fun cruising Huh? Go check out his other category names.
” that John Richardson’s got some serious momentum going on with his 12 Habits program? I love his forward thinking strategy: habits are good when you create them versus falling victim to them. Come on now, who’s in charge?

… at Ripples, David St. Lawrence gets into pretty deep conversations coaching us all to be in charge… All mixed in with building a brand new house, and meeting his new neighbors.

Have you noticed?

” that delegation seems to be one of Bren’s favorite subjects? If I recall correctly, that’s how we started blog-dating. He tackled it again at the end of January in another one of his not-to-be-missed posts.

… that Leah Maclean is hosting a brand new Carnival of Entrepreneurship Down Under? Anita Campbell had been the Carnival’s Mea Ho‘okipa (hostess) the week before, and she started Leah’s lineup for her too.

” that Adrian has been on vacation? Adrian’s writing is so thought provoking I look forward to his vacations too, so I can spend more time with his older posts on Slow Leadership and The Coyote Within before he hits me with another new one.

… that Robin is on the road again? You know what it means when she comes back ” more extraordinary photos!

Have you noticed?

” that Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy are ramping up for another LexThink! event? Even when I can’t go I enjoy seeing how Matt blogs about it.
You can sure learn alot about different business models in our community.
” that Brad Respess is giving away a free book for what you’ve learned? Knowing the way this community reads, we should be all over this one. Move quickly” the deadline is this Saturday!

… Cohesive Integrity? After you stop by Brad’s place, consider visiting James over the weekend. Besides the columns he posts each Monday and Thursday, James has been seeding his left-hand column with some great Reading Assignments. More to read short and deep!

Have you noticed?

” that David Zinger has a new Google Group set up for Strength-Based Leadership? You can read all about it here.

” that we can learn management and leadership from our kids? Just ask Trevor. He is so good with the use of real life stories to get complex things over in simple ways.

” that we have a new Pistol Packin’ Mama in our midst? We knew that Stacy was a woman to be reckoned with, and now, she’s sharp-shooting!

Have you noticed?

… that Dick Richards can help turn a four-leaf clover into someone’s heart song and genius? He’s doing a lot of that kind of thing lately” simply amazing.

how good we are at saying goodbye… and in giving encouragement and aloha? I am so very proud of this community we call our Ho‘ohana Community.

not to mention how we can just ask and receive so quickly. Wow. Mahalo.

” and that surprise Dave hinted at in mentioning my planned blogroll updates? You’ll hear about it tomorrow”.. big day with our   2nd Annual Love Affair with Books.

Anything else I should have noticed and didn’t? Add ‘em in the comments for me, would you? Yes, I’m asking for more. Even though your first reaction to all this, without a single click away yet, may be,

“No wonder we’re all having a hard time keeping

But you know what? It’s all good, because this is about people who are taking a leadership role, and that’s what we do in this community.

We blast through the day leaving vapor trails in the hearts and minds of those we intersect with.

Vapor trails and the breath of life. This is the abundance of aloha.

We focus on the good in people. We support each other even in our silence, clicking in when we can.

We ho‘ohana!

Oh! and one more thing: If you can squeeze it in next Tuesday, don’t forget about the MicroSoft Live Meeting announcement at the end of my interview with Laurence Haughton – it’s on the 28th, and it’s free! Sign up here.


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    Great summary, Rosa. It might take me a day to get through all the links but it will be a learning full day!
    What a group! Keep on keeping on folks, this is good stuff.

  2. says

    Rosa…I am going to go get a Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, log back on, and read this incredible gift of wisdom and knowledge from the community. I think we should call this post, “The Super Synopsis!”
    My mom would be so proud of me to be associated with such amazing people.

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    Perhaps one day we should all combine our resources into one huge MEGA blog. Imagine the influence we would have in the blogosphere! Good stuff Rosa, thanks for including me and taking the time to put this together.

  4. says

    Rosa – do you ever sleep?! You are amazing. Fantastic post. I will enjoy reading every post – over the next week. Mahalo for including me.
    And the Megablog idea, I think you’ve already done it.

  5. says

    It is all good, isn’t it Rosa?!
    This post has so much more significance to me than it would if you had run it last year.
    It’s all good!

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    Mahalo Steve, Tim, Skip, Dick, Ken, and Dave for your mana‘o here, and Dwayne- with your post!
    I’m starting to think that “It’s all good.” may be a new phrase in our community’s Language of Intention… lots of kaona” 3 simple words to mean;
    —Seeing abundance versus overwhelm
    —Engaging fully when you can; understanding that’s what “catch up” means
    —Further, there isn’t enough forward momentum in catch up, better to just pick up where the action is
    —Divide and Conquer = The Pareto Principle in our virtual connections
    —Having trust that “like-minded” is bountiful for us versus single-minded; we value the differences
    —No judgments on the silent … hiatus is good, for the fruits of it will eventually be shared with all when we nānā i ke kumu, and go to the well
    —And you can “mark all as read” in those nagging aggregators whenever you need the peace of mind in doing so! The community will always come through for you with what is not to be missed.

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    You mention so many of my favorites here, especially The Coyote Within. He is so wise. But don’t forget Slacker Manager, who gives you a laugh with your lesson. And the most beautiful soul in the blogosphere surely is Dan Oestreich over at the Unfolding Leadership blog.

  8. says

    Aloha Marianne – I so agree that Bren, our Slacker Manager is very unforgettable! He is here, in this part:
    Have you noticed?
    ” that delegation seems to be one of Bren’s favorite subjects? If I recall correctly, that’s how we started blog-dating. He tackled it again at the end of January in another one of his not-to-be-missed posts.
    Scroll back up for the links.
    I have not visited Dan Oestreich over at the Unfolding Leadership blog for a long time (if we are thinking of the same person- I seem to recall his name, but with another blog name?) and I will do so this weekend with your recommendation! Thank you so much.

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    Can you keep up with the Ho’ohana Community?

    I *love* keeping up with what my friends are working on, and I often don’t take the time to notice all that’s going on. Thankfully, my good friend Rosa Say is much better at it than I am. Her recent post called Have You Noticed? caught me up on all

  10. says

    I am so honored and humbled to be a part of this community. Thank you all for making it as great as it is, and for helping me learn and grow at the feet of all of you!

  11. says

    Beautiful picture Rosa, and the caption of “satisfied” is pretty appropriate too, though I would have preferred “yearning for more.” 2006 will be THE year of the breakthrough for our community. I can feel it!