HC, why read business blogs?- updated

Had a friend ask me today how it feels knowing so many people read Talking Story whom I will never know, and may never hear from.

It feels just fine. In fact, it feels great to think that I may help them in some small way when they hear about managing with aloha and begin to understand just how much that means.

Come to think of it, my book is the same way: I haven’t met everyone who has read it, and I never will.  However unlike some authors, I’ve chosen to blog too because I want to be here for people if they decide they want to continue the conversation Managing with Aloha may have started for them. www.ManagingWithAloha.com is about marketing my book; Talking Story is for talking story about everything in it, and our continued managing and leading journey since I had written it.

Just knowing you are out there keeps me going, keeps me writing, keeps me dreaming of how much better we can make things. You make me better.

I hope I can inspire people. Like this:

“Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, I’ve never met.
A story of modern mentoring…”

— Hillary Johnson, Why I read business blogs.

You may have already read the article, for it was published in Inc. magazine back in August. However I’d bookmarked it once it became available online, and I’ve come back to reading it a few times, because it’s real nice to read what Johnson says from a reader’s perspective.

I particularly like what she had to say about being part of a virtual community. Like our Ho‘ohana Community.

I like to imagine those of you “out there” who read silently may feel much the same way she does, and like I said, it keeps me trying to live up to the expectation that you do.

And you know what else is great? I don’t do this alone anymore; I’ve got a lot of company now when it comes to trying to inspire those who do read these pages: Just check out the comments, the trackbacks, and the links to everyone else in our community.

So mahalo for reading, thank you. Very much.

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Post updated: Okay, at the risk of you completely losing your train of thought and clicking away (4 link choices follow…), another reason to read business blogs is the new Dilbert blog by Scott Adams. You wouldn’t call me a wild fan of his cartoon strip, and I’ve never bought a Scott Adams book, but I may now. I’m loving his new blog way more than his cartoons; I don’t think his strip is big enough to contain him.

So there, another reason to read business blogs; you discover way more about the people you thought you may have knew well enough, but you really didn’t and don’t. Business is more colorful and imaginative these days than it’s ever been before. Business just rocks, and so do business blogs.

Reading this for the first time? The original title of this post was, Ho‘ohana Community, why do you read business blogs?


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    Rosa – you’ve certainly inspired me on to greater heights with your (now our) community, with Talking Story, and of course your fantastic book! Please keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll keep inspring even more people to Manage With Aloha! Thanks for all you do!

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    Mahalo nui Phil, hearing feedback like yours provides me with much nourishment, and you are thoughtful and generous to give it.