Busy, Busy, Busy!!! Community News.

So thankful for the opportunity the weekends give me to catch up!

Much going on for our Ho‘ohana Community, are you up with these News Flashes?

Ekahi -1. A very warm welcome to our new subscribers! We are thrilled that you are now part of our community ‘ohana here.

A special note to Kel, Chuck, Malia, Karen, Dennis, Duane, Lori, and Laura,

Much, much mahalo for the emails you have sent in as personal introductions of aloha: I deeply appreciate that you have taken the time to do so, and I can’t wait to see your insights shared in our comment conversation here!

Aloha kaua e, mahalo nui,


Elua -2. Yvonne DiVita was interviewed this past week on a special feature for the FORTUNE Business Innovation blog — Wow! Innovative marketing to women.

Ekolu -3. Book news on three fronts which will thrill many of us: we have voracious readers in this community! I’ve got much reading to do, and I am looking forward to it with great excitement and sweet anticipation.

A new book out for Dick Richards: Is Your Genius at Work, and for Kevin Eikenberry: Vantagepoints on Learning and Life. Click in to their blogs for the full scoop:

Is Your Genius at Work? — Category Link on Dick’s blog, Come Gather Round

Vantagepoints on Learning and Life — In Kevin’s case, he launched a whole new blog which is also a fascinating study in business savvy too.

Both Kevin and Dick make me feel like a lightweight as I watch their marketing savvy ” I have so much to learn ”

The third bit of news with community-related books comes to us from Trevor Gay of our team Synergy: Trevor has his book, Simplicity is the Key set up for our availability via a new PayPal account. This now enables him to easily supply direct to customers world-wide.

Trevor is lighting a fire under me ” international availability for my own MWA is long overdue, I know ”

Eha -4. Then again, there are other ways we are making international connections in managing, working, and living with aloha! Round two in London for Dwayne and Adrian. I am so tickled about this new connection you have forged!

Frankly, I have no idea how Dwayne keeps up as he does. Not only is flying between continents, he’s writing guest posts complete with step-by-step how-to pictures. I know Dwayne, your next article can be, How to best take advantage of your time on airplanes. In my case, I have to figure it out … in 35 minutes or less for the interisland jumps I do.

Elima -5. I am very late with this next announcement, and I do hope you have already been reading the wonderful new blog launched by Adrian Savage, who you already know of as the author of The Coyote Within. Adrian’s new blog is called Slow Leadership, and he has designed his new site around  these eight pono principles [ I call them that” as you know, Pono is my value of rightness and balance” ]

1. Right Tempo

2. Right Attention

3. Right Balance

4. Right Perspective

5. Right Direction

6. Right Relationships

7. Right Enjoyment

8. Right Gratitude

Do I sense a possible new book in the making? Meanwhile, click in and help Adrian explore his ideas.

Eono. -6. I have pointed you to ChangeThis.com a few times, for it is a great resource for free downloads on new ideas. In the latest batch of new releases there you’ll find a manifesto by Felix Gerena called The Life Cycle of the Creative Soul. As Felix describes it,

“This manifesto shall be a guide for your creative efforts. A map in case you get lost. A helpful voice in times of solitude. Perhaps, the first spark for a new creative action.”

Ehiku. -7. Congratulations to Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy for a very successful BlawgThink Conference in Chicago: wonderful reviews keep rolling in.

Ewalu. -8. Brand new blog design for Troy Worman at Orbit Now! Have you seen it? Lisa Haneberg is tinkering too. Let this be a lesson to you: RSS aggregators are great for updates, but you’ve got to click in to a blog to get the full effect! (and so you don’t miss reading great comments.)

So after awhile offline, I can’t possibly have everything here. What else might I be missing? Help me out with a link in the comments if you’d like to share something.


  1. says

    This is a first. Never, ever, not even once before, has anyone accused me of “marketing savvy”! Never! The way I see it, I have been given ideas as gifts that were not meant for me alone, along with the means to communicate them, and it is up to me to make sure I share those ideas as widely as possible. Is that “marketing savvy?” If so, I am guilty as accused. :)

  2. says

    That was a compliment Dick! And for exactly the reason you write of here: you WERE “given ideas as gifts that were not meant for [you] alone, along with the means to communicate them” and it is the exceptional way in which you do so which I greatly admire. Perhaps my words of “marketing savvy” were ill chosen.
    I believe that Managing with Aloha is a gift as well, a very important one, and yet as fervent my belief I don’t do as much as I should to promote it. Share it eagerly, yes. Speak of it with passion, yes. Promote it so more will hear its message, and why it is important, no. Both you and Kevin (and many others in our community) are my kumu alaka’i ka ‘ike, my teachers with new learning in this regard. And I do understand I am rarely as bold as I should be.

  3. says

    Not a poor choice of words at all! Perfect, in fact. Good for me to hear. I did take it as a complement, and it is useful for me to think about what I described above in the terms you used. It may very well lead me someplace I ought to go but haven’t (yet).