TS Alert! Breaking Biz Idea!

Creative Thinking may mean simply the relisation that there is no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done.
Rudolph Flesch, Philosopher

Evelyn Rodriguez of CrossRoads Dispatches had written that the key reason she reads blogs are to find BREAKING IDEAS.

I’ve been reading blogs for years. Personally, I’ve never read them for the type of news I find in newstands and magazine racks.

I read blogs for BREAKING IDEAS. Breaking concepts. Breaking trends. And the cliched "paradigm" shifts. To see what the lunatic fringe, early adopters, influencers, mavericks, mavens and connectors are tinkering with, toying with, bouncing around.  It’s hardly a full-fledged story (yet). I’m trying to figure out what might be mainstream just around the corner. And still be original and differentiated.

This is vital information for innovating new products, setting existing product roadmaps, leapfrogging competition, crafting strategy. I find that what’s said on blogs are leading indicators.

More here: Ideas Break in the Blogosphere

I agree with Evelyn; The blogosphere is a hotbed of ideas, and most of them are absolutely free for the taking. Take the plunge and participate in a vibrant blog’s community, and the idea interchange that begins to get generated offline is amazing. Some of the most satisfying emails I get from people are the one’s sharing stories with me that start something like, “Hey Rosa, I have to tell you what’s happening with me and ___insert name of another H ‘ohana Community reader___. It’s so cool, and I’ve gotta thank you for the connection.” [That was a big hint! Keep writing, for I LOVE getting those emails.]

Online, the difficulty can be picking out these ideas, and recognizing them when you see them; there’s just so much to wade through. Well, here’s the other thing a blog community is great for: pointers so you don’t miss ‘em.

While I was in Arizona just this last August, Stacy Brice, President and Chief Visionary Officer of AssistU, and author of the blog Virtualosophy, dropped some hints my way about a new business idea she was working on, and Eureka! she’s unveiled it. I love Stacy’s reasons behind her new idea just as much as the idea itself, so I’m going to send you there to Stacy’s story first.

Click in, to Great Biz Stuff!

One more thing: The urge to simply copy what Stacy is doing will be irresistible. Don’t.

Think about how Tom coached us last month to be true to our own calling. I also started this post with Evelyn’s words because they’re so richly provocative and suggestive. Take both viewpoints to heart, and with Stacy’s inspiration, go off on another tangent that’s all about YOU. Learn, dream, think, and imagine new possibilities. Break out your own idea. I just know you have it in you.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Stacy’s AssistU site, you really should check it out too.

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