You teach me, and you make me smile

One of the self-indulgent pleasures I miss while traveling, is my online time reading the words of our Ho‘ohana Online Community. I still have many articles to catch up with, however these were some of their postings that I really enjoyed this past week now that I’m back home: I’m sure you’ll like them too.

Watch your Language
Written by Chris Bailey at the Alchemy of Soulful Work

The Practice you need may be in front of you
Written by Beth Robinson of Execukos

Updated: What my diet can teach me about personal productivity
Written by Dwayne Melancon of Genuine Curiosity

Leadership Tip #8 – Ask More Questions, and
Great Questions – Make a List
Written by Kevin Eikenberry at Kevin’s Blog

Kevin also found something fun for us to play with ” very addicting, but a good brain food kind of game: Guess the Google

Jane Talks Design. And Shoes = Happy.

At Lip-Sticking. Check out Yvonne’s new banner image!

Motivation and Values. Written by Rick Cecil.
You know I couldn’t resist this one.

On Reading, Writing, and Managing the Blogging Experience
Written by Stacy Brice at Virtualosophy

‘Imi ola: Live your best life, and have a sensational weekend.

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    Rosa, YOU are the net’s #1 teacher. And, I know you make everyone else smile, just as you always make me smile. What treasures there are here at Talking Story! Original gems of insight and inspiration — you were missedu in your absence. I welcome you back with a big hug, virtual though it may be.