Talking Story in Blogsville

I liked this honesty from Troy Orman’s Orbit Strategies:

“Like most bloggers, I want to be heard. One way to do this is to post comments on others’ blogs.

Let me differentiate between posting comments on others’ blogs and spamming others’ blogs with inane comments. The latter is easy enough to do and done quite frequently. It is done by clicking on a Comments button then typing mindlessly. It adds nothing to the conversation, and collectively, these ambiguous or off color rants do nothing more than chew up precious Internet bandwidth. I have been guilty of this in the past and I have repented.

Conversely, the former are thoughtful and relevant. At their best, they extend the conversation and engage others. These are worthy objectives on which to focus.”

There are others who have devoted a whole blog to their comment conversations, like Fred.

Personally, I just comment on other blogs because I want to. I truly enjoy the online communities in which I participate. As someone who likes to write, there is a bit of a release in commenting for me, because I can simply join in a conversation instead of writing an entire post of my own about it. It usually turns out to be a bigger effort for me not to hog too much of their blog space with an overly long comment! (Like I did here, sorry Lisa!)

I’ll offer you some samples from my last week’s visits in Blogsville, for those of you who for some unimaginable reason may not have gotten your fill of me here! Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i: let’s go visiting. Jump into the comment fields with me, and let’s talk story.

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Great product experiences at Troy’s Orbit Strategies

What’s your ministry? At Chris’s Alchemy of Soulful Work

Visitor logs: Goldmines for you at Wayne’s Blog Business World

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    I am in awe of all that you do, Rosa. One of the best things about Talking Story is your forthrightness. I know when I click into your blog that I’m going to get no-nonsense advice, links to valuable information, and a sense of community. Personally, I find your comments (on my blog and others) useful but even more so, personal.
    That I have the privilege of being part of your Ho’ohana community (though I’ve been MIA for awhile) makes me quite proud.
    The blogosphere could learn (and does learn) a thing or two about Managing with Aloha — from a master at the game. Keep those comments coming.

  2. says

    I usually post at Troy ´s blog. I like his style and his stories. I found Chris Bailey ´s blog in one of his posts and i thought it was a very nice one. I started to read Chris ´posts and there i found your blog, which is also wonderful. You can find very interesting sites by making a tour-de-blogs.

  3. says

    Aloha Felix, welcome to Talking Story and to our Ho’ohana Community. You are so right about the adventures in connectivity that blogs can take you on; many is the night I’ve started reading one and found that my aggregator subscriptions has grown by 3 or 4 more!
    Yvonne, we are also quite proud that you are part of our community! Mahalo nui for your encouragement and for the enthusiasm you always bring us with your visits here.
    A hui hou,