Home sweet home.

Home to my ‘ohana (my family), and to this warm and welcoming community. It feels so good.

Got home pretty late last night after a four-day biz trip that was terrific too. It was an exceptionally rewarding time spent with many managers and leaders doing what they can to make our workplaces better. They are challenging themselves to learn more and try even harder, and ultimately we’ll all benefit.

It was intellectually and emotionally stimulating for me, and you are sure to get a taste of why here and there on my future posts here on Talking Story. My business trips originate because I am going to teach, yet it is
remarkable how much I have always learned by the time that I end them.

I’ve always felt that people in the world of business are the best movers and shakers I know: I love that it is the very nature of business, that we must continually buck the status quo and want more if we are to be successful. No sacred cows. No automatic pilot.

I was offline most of that time, and so last night and this morning I have much catch-up to do. If I owe you an email response, please know I’m working on it!

Thank you so very much to Jay, Susanne, Beth and Hanna for sharing their aloha and keeping the conversation going here on Talking Story, and to Nigel and Susanne for the wonderful posts they did on their own blog in reference to our Ho‘ohana Community.

Enjoy your Sunday, and mahalo nui for adding Talking Story to your day. It’s time for more ho‘omāka‘ika‘i (visiting) for me too: I want to catch up with all those of the Ho‘ohana Community who I know are also online, and I’m going virtual visiting in between the chores I have here at home before my next trip this Wednesday.