A Riddle for you today: Who am I?


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You are Your Habits, so Make ‘em Good!

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    Aloha Robin and Steve, mahalo for your guesses. The more accurate answer is the combination of both your responses:
    “I am YOUR habits.”
    I’ll be posting a little bit more on this soon. Meanwhile everyone, read the riddle again, now knowing what the answer is, and ask yourself:
    Which of your own personal habits are the ones which ‘push you forward to success’ and which ones ‘drag you down to failure’?
    Which of your own personal habits are you ‘firm’ with, and which do you ‘go easy on’?
    And in the spirit of our June Ho‘ohana this month, which habits contribute to the clutter in your life, and which help you free up more room to welcome in the good stuff?

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    My worst habits are… well, I’d better not say. I think I’ll keep that as a secret until I feel more in charge of that! I know that will make you feel curious about why I don’t really want to tell anyone. I guess i don’t really know how to explain it.
    But I know that if you ask my husband, who likes to get up at 6 am every morning, and he finds that one bad habit of mine is to stay up until late and perhaps not get enough sleep; however I do get up in the morning anyway, so I think I’m one of those people who were born as night owls. At the time when other people are already asleep, I get that active flow that helps me get things done that were on my to-do list for yesterday :-)

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    An Unbeatable Combination: Ho’omau, Your Habits, and Your Ho’ohana

    This is why: To Live by the Value of Ho’omau,Ho’omau: Be Strong, Persist, Push through any Adversity, Act with Resolve and Determination. Never Give Up on that which you believe in. Seal the deal on your Commitment with Action.Put your

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    Learn to Finish Conversations Well Redux

    re ·dux (rÄ“-dÅ­ks’) ~ adj.Brought back; returned. Used postpositively Learn to Finish Conversations Well was a posting I had done for Lifehack.org about a year ago. There are two reasons I am republishing it here with fresh updates: Reason # 1: