Only today ”05-05-05

This is not your normal day!

I noticed this once-in-a-lifetime (once in a century?) occurrence would happen on our alarm clocks, watches, car radios, datebooks, calendars, notes, letters, emails … and more today because I wrote way too many 05-04-05’s in my checkbook yesterday ” time to declutter my bill paying again and reconsider those things I have been thinking of as necessities when they really aren’t.

Just for fun to mark the day, how can we commemorate these three sets of zeros and fives?

This is a great day to make things happen instead of letting them happen to you.

0 — Pay 0 bills today. Leave that cash in the bank to gain what piddling interest it can for another day. If you’re going to spend money today, do it in a more meaningful way. For example,

5 — At your coffee place this morning, buy 5 muffins to go with your cappuccino. You drink the cappuccino, but pass out the 5 muffins to people who have none as you make your way back out the door. You’ll feel all warm inside (and not just from the cappuccino.) In fact, take those muffins to work and you could get 5 kisses :-)

0 — Be sure you do not speak a single harsh or unkind word today. On the contrary,

5 — Give 5 genuinely sincere, from the heart compliments to 5 different people. “You really look nice today.” “I’m very impressed; you did such a good job helping me out with this.” “This must be one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted.” “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” “Wow. You’ve made my day.”

0 — Don’t be late—at all.

5 — In fact, be at least 5 minutes early whereever you may be expected to meet someone. Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i (go visiting): If you talk story with 5 different people today you’ll have a pretty magnificent day.

That’s a start.

How can you add to my list and make this a day that is really worth remembering?

Give us your ideas in the comments!

This day will never come again for you, make it count!



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    Today is the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year of this century. Rosa suggests some actions to “commemorate these three sets of zeros and fives.” Give ’em a try!
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    How about:
    0: non constructive complaints
    5: emails or phone calls to reconnect with people you haven’t spoken with for awhile.
    0: worries about the future today – remember that life is full of possibilities instead.
    5: big smiles to people you’ve never met, like people you pass on the street.
    0: self criticism, instead- every time you look in the mirror today admire…
    5: great things about yourself

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    Thanks, Rosa – I was having a hectic morning, then I read your blog at lunch. I think I’ll have a much calmer afternoon by doing these things. Just what I needed!

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    Aloha Jay, mahalo nui for adding your thoughts – I love your suggestions!
    Aloha Dwayne, so glad I could help in some small way! Thank you for stopping by and adding your comment for me; I do appreciate it.
    I’ve been having fun with this so far, and I keep adding:
    0: Decided today is not for any maintenance type work, just those tasks that will add value.
    5: So far I added the link to this post to 5 of my emails as a postscript. The responses have been so great I’m going for a second 5 after lunch.
    0: And speaking of lunch, no junk food today!
    5: I had planned to send 2 Mother’s Day cards today (my mom and my mother-in-law) but then I decided to do 3 more for women I know are brand new mothers this year.
    0: Promised myself I would not whine today at all. If I have a lot to do I’m lucky I have the ability to get it done.
    5: I’m Taking 5 (my Daily 5 Minutes) 5 times today! Altogether that’s only 25 minutes…

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    0 – times I put off calling my wife during the day
    5 – times I wrote a note and mailed to employees’ home saying thank you
    0 – bills paid
    5 – client phone calls made that weren’t on my “to call” list
    0 – time I wish I would of spent on email
    5 – minutes more to read the “one more book daddy” at bedtime with my son last night
    Rosa, thank you. You give back to me at least 5X all the time.

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    What a bad time to be behind in my blog reading. This was highly creative (defined as , “I wish I had thought of it!”) As another comment said, I can’t wait until June 6 next year. I’ll be ready.
    Maybe we should have the whole community have a take on this topic on that day! :)
    Thanks Rosa for a stimulating idea.

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    Mahalo Stacy :-)
    Wonderful list Todd, I love your people connections.
    Great idea Kevin about our community! Watch for it next year!

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    Six Scoops of Aloha For 06-06-06!

    Commemorate the day in a playful and aloha-filled way! Last year we had so much fun with this, finding that in Le‘ale‘a, our playfulness, we could reap a whole lot of good for our own attitude and spirit. Only today