The lab is cooking over at Alchemy.

Chris wonders about his Muse, and before you know it he’s got four more posts AND a new blog for us to check in with. Go spend some time with The Alchemy of Soulful Work, and then take a walk midst his menagerie of frivolous fascinations.

Here’s what caught my attention in particular:
This one of his Alchemy muse releases is a great Christopher Bailey update to what we’ve been talking about here on Talking Story about being a twenty percenter: read his post called, The Sobering Statistics Point to Opportunity.

Yes, they do point to opportunity. And managers matter because we are the ones to lay out the welcome mat, open the door, and a make a big difference for those who accept our invitation.

As Chris says so well,

“I have a couple of visceral reactions to all of this. One, I think that it doesn’t have to be this way. Two, I’m optimistic that we’re moving toward a place where Soulful Work is reality. We’re clamoring for it because we know its a possibility. Deep within, we know that the bottom line and the human heart can co-exist and that the business world can only thrive when the two are integrated successfully. There is so much opportunity to rewrite the tacit agreements between the organization and worker and pave a way toward a new workplace.”

Amen Chris, Amen.

Take your cue from Chris: even when you read or hear of things that are sobering, You are the one to make the intentional, very deliberate effort to take something positive away from it. Be a good-spin master, and learn from a very thoughtful alchemist.

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