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“What you’re saying here Chris is revolutionary, because you’re effectively saying to the companies ‘I am a client, and I prefer personality over consistent branding.’” — Jay

“It’s always been my belief that people want to work with a living, breathing person with feelings. Why does that seem so hard to translate in the corporate environment?” — Robin

“ ” come out from behind your company’s name and brand and tell us who you are and how your experiences contribute to creating a Soulful Workplace. You just might find a new passionate customer is waiting.” — Chris

Aloha Ho‘ohana Community,

Please take the time to read The Alchemy of Soulful Work today and get a dose of inspiration. Learn the secret to business success that is real.

JetBlue’s Cultivation of a Soulful Workplace.

While you are there, be sure to click into Jay’s Renaissance Girl for more reading: both Jay and Nigel are doing some soulful writing of their own:

Being a More Complete Person by Jay

Same Wellspring, Different (but parallel) Message by Nigel

Such talent in the Ho ‘ohana Community. Such thought. Such heart. Immense aloha. I am filled with a sense of mahalo and ha‘aha‘a for being just a small part of it.

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