Our Talking Story March Recap (and Marcus Buckingham).

I don’t know about you, but for me March flew by just as quickly as February did. So many ideas, so few days.

As I predicted in the beginning of the month, the visible reinvention of Talking Story and ManagingWithAloha online will continue into April, and who knows, perhaps even longer. For as we learned this month, reinvention is something we need to continually consider and be open to. As Yvonne said so well,

“To be willing to question everything in your life is a good start to reinventing yourself. The next step is to accept that not all questions have answers, and that some questions require a lifetime of study. In business, questioning is a privilege that is often forsaken.” 

On Sunday we still had 5 days before monthend, so I figured I’d wait until now to recap the month and preview the top 5 with you, giving them a few more days to prove their top spot worthiness. The contenders didn’t surprise me; We’ll see what you think:

The papaya tree. Don’t let the birds steal your fruit! Everyone loves a good story, and this one was read all month long, I’m glad you liked it. Stories are easier to remember, and they seem to teach in a much gentler, kinder way than hauling out the old soapbox.

The 3 R’s in Business: ROI, ROR, and ROA. Do you remember what these letters stand for? I do hope you are getting a good return on all three for your own time and efforts.

Our March Ho‘ohana: Visible Reinvention in Action. If you are a student of statistical probability, you may think that my first post of the month will always have an advantage, however that hasn’t always been the case. However we have had a three month run now, and as the Ho‘ohana Community has grown there indeed may be an unfair advantage ” let’s give it another month and see.

Actually the argument can be made that the later posts have the advantage, and the next two posts are good examples, as one was written the last half of this month, and the other first appeared in February:

Experience Required. (Are You Sure?) The Catch-22 of experience is something most of us can relate to at some time during our careers, perhaps that’s why this one got a lot of attention. However it also struck a chord with many who emailed me in regard to the needed reinvention of Human Resources offices and the evolution of their role: This is something we may explore in the months to come. Meanwhile, here’s a post I did back in October of last year called What’s the role of Human Resources?

7 More Ways to get the most from Books. Seems there are many who share my love affair with books, and it is a very good thing indeed! Keep reading … more on what we read this month below.

But first, I must make one more mention: Our Reinvention Forum was hugely popular last week, and if I wasn’t a stickler about the top 5 being for individual posts, what rightfully should make this list is the special category that I created for it. I had done so to make it easier for the link-love of our readers and the Ho‘ohana Online Community bloggers, and they did take advantage of it.

Mark my words, we are starting a Reinvention rumbling! There is an undercurrent of strong desire to see our workplaces reinvented, and the question must be asked: Will you be a follower or a leader? A great manager of change or a shepherd for sacred cows? What will be your leadership role within our movement?
The Reinvention Forum Index: Visit often, get inspired, and add your comments too. Share your stories and help us keep the momentum going.


As you know, my favorite book this month was The One Thing You Need to Know by Marcus Buckingham. It made me think – hard. I’m still reaching for it.

Apparently a lot of other people are too, for the search engine spiders have gone nuts lately on some of my very old First Break All the Rules posts looking for more of Marcus Buckingham (ah, as an author one can only dream…).

So last for this month’s recap, I’m going to make it easier for all of you who have been here looking, and may have gotten frustrated in the effort: Here’s the list of my posts related to The One Thing You Need to Know:

The instinctive, natural selection of wanting. Discusses one of the last points in the book.

Working within your Circle of Influence. You can think of this one as Marcus Buckingham and Stephen R. Covey combined in my brain.

Strengths and Values. This one is Marcus Buckingham meets Managing with Aloha in my mana‘o. Bonus: Amazon links to the entire Gallup collection are in this post.

Don’t let Reinvention intimidate you. Buckingham first talked about the notion of being a twenty percenter in Now, Discover your Strengths, and he revisits it in The One Thing You Need to Know.

Muses, Mentors, and Self-Talk. Kinda sorta related, you’ll see. In his own book, Buckingham repeatedly refers to Donald O. Clifton as his mentor.

Optimism: don’t leave home without it. Good advice however you consider it (the title). Wrote this while I was reading the section on leadership.

Alrighty then. Are we ready for April? Hana hou!

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