A-ha! is live!

An update to our interview yesterday with Yvonne Divita of wmebooks.com:

Her new blog A-ha! an acronym for Authors Helping Authors, is live!

Click in here for your first look-see, and add A-ha! to your blogroll.

Here on Talking Story, you will find a new link for A-ha! in residence under my Book Tools section in the left hand column, for like the mentors-in-residence at wmebooks.com, I do believe you also may have a book in you”

Fringe benefit: It’s always such fun to watch a new blog blossom. Here’s the line-up of first posts that were done by Yvonne, Tom, and MaryAnne:

BookpagescurvedWelcome to A-ha!
A gathering place for authors and ideas.
Imagination, inspiration, and creativity.

Aloha and welcome to A-ha!