Ideas, Leadership, and Vision.

Talking Story is a business blog about management and leadership, and I publish it to encourage everyone in those roles to seize greater initiative with what I believe is a badly needed reinvention of work today. Managing with Aloha presents a “How To Begin” this in your own circle of influence, based on what I’ve learned up to now, and Talking Story continues the learning in an interactive way and in today’s moments of opportunities. I do this for my own learning too.

So that being said, I blog for business reasons; That last paragraph is as short as I can write about “Why I blog.” However my business and my work and my purpose in life all mesh together on the same path, and with the same purpose, it is my ho‘ohana.

In the post just prior to this one, I introduced Doug Murata, and as I wrote it my thoughts kept going to another new business blogger, Matt Sunshine, a gentleman who also received a TypePad gift subscription within the generosity of K.Todd Storch, one of our Ho‘ohana Online Community mentors, author of Business Thoughts.

The name of this post, Ideas, Leadership, and Vision, is the name of Matt’s new blog, and I encourage you to visit him as well – with that blog name, how can you resist?

I have a bit more evangelizing to do here: If you are thinking of blogging for business, don’t fall for that misconception that you have to be a CEO, business owner or entrepreneur to begin – start blogging and you may actually get to be one faster! In my mind, you just have to love the art and science of business.

Talking and writing about concepts like management, “ideas, leadership, and vision” are not reserved for owners, gurus and the so-called big guns (who may be too set in their own big ideas anyway) — they are fire starters for people who have something good to say about them. People like Doug and Matt.

I’ve been reading Matt’s blog with much interest since he turned it on, for his excitement, enthusiasm, and positive outlook is infectious. He is very engaging in his willingness to put his thoughts out there: raw or experienced (and he’s got some quality experience to share), it doesn’t matter. As a management coach, he makes me wish he didn’t live so far from me, for I would truly love to haul him into some of the classes I now do on Managing with Aloha so he could touch people personally the way he is doing with his new blog.

There is one and only one regret I have with Talking Story: I wish I had it when I was still in my last corporate gig, managing 380+ employees within eight different departmental disciplines. Personally, I would have had a field day, for I would have coached my mid-level managers with another highly effective venue in my coaching arsenal. The effect a blog could have had as a better intranet within the company is a whole ‘nother topic.

Matt has a category called “Getting Started.” And if you haven’t visited him yet, start there.

Matt and Doug: just one more suggestion if I may. Turn on those trackbacks! (Hey Dave and Rosemary, you too!)

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    Great post and introduction Rosa!
    You are a great connector of people and ideas.
    I also encourage your readers to check out Matt’s work, leave him comments, ideas, thoughts and encouragement (something, most of us bloggers love to get!).