Countdown! It is time for Managing with Aloha.

In just two more days Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business will be in Hawaii bookstores.

Wow. What an incredible journey this has been.

To celebrate, we’ve created a few pdfs as book excerpts for you to preview.  After all, you are the Ho’ohana Community, and together, we can all manage with Aloha.


Table of Contents
(Also useful as a list of the Hawaiian values)

Foreword by Nainoa Thompson
Nainoa has been a gift to us in Hawaii, and I am honored and humbled by his words for Managing with Aloha. Mahalo nui Nainoa.

Prologue and Introduction

Chapter One, on Aloha

Aloha is the value of unconditional love and acceptance. Aloha makes it possible for all other values to thrive. It is the calling of great managers to share the intent of aloha, sharing with others an outpouring of their spirit.

If you are in Hawaii, please take a look at my line-up of book-signings on the Event Calendar: come visit me if you can!

With my aloha,