Deliberate Inputs

Somewhat connected to my last posting, [ Must I work this bit alone? ] and to noticing, I’ve been tweaking the old brainwaves lately with more reading, for reading is a big part of what I think of as my “deliberate inputs.”

We need to feed our intellect with deliberate inputs similar to the way we eat to feed our bodies; we choose healthy foods that are nutritious, and foods that fortify us and fill us with energy.

These days, the old brain is hungry, craving some hopeful, positive ideas and solutions.

Good food starts with good ingredients:

Batter Mix To Go

Perhaps more today than ever before, my deliberate inputs are often chosen for their optimism, for negativity pulls me down into a gloom I prefer to stay far, far away from. Now this doesn’t mean I choose to dwell in a Pollyanna world, for I can read about bad news too. It’s the aftermath of the hearing or reading, and the follow-up in my own attitude which matters. We can learn from everything, whether the good, the bad, or the ugly — we have to choose our aftermath, and use our positive brainpower to shape it.

How you go forward will define your future, and the person you’ll be in that future.

For instance, within my deliberate inputs these days (for they constantly evolve) are:

  • The Daily Five Minutes and other conversations (always ‘MWA job one’ with me)
  • Reading more essays by ‘thought leaders’ (I’ve been culling my RSS feeds). I’m a big fan of blogs: People who blog write to think, and they set a great example in the sharing of virtual conversation
  • Book reading. I’m a way bigger fan of books — the good ones are hard to write; they package a lot of substantial thought process, and they pull in more research
  • Writing for its physical triggering connection (writing as a way of thinking things through)
  • Gratitude journaling for Mahalo-living, and to keep up my positive expectancies
  • ‘Imi ola Change Choosing — always important for me: Focus (in goal-setting) is another word for Intention
  • Weekly Reviews so I’m balanced between what I study, and what I actually do accomplish
  • Television only via DVR’d selections. News read online or in Sunday paper editions
  • I look for biographies and documentaries: They are ‘Ike loa’s ‘learning from people’ and from their experience

As electioneering ramps up here in America, I get very concerned about what Bill Davidow has called “Life in the Age of Extremes.” There is much ‘other possibility’ within the extreme polarity of being Republican or Democrat in ideology. We must all be working on our own Deliberate Inputs to interject more hope into life.

Being hopeful, can be a direct result of Ha‘aha‘a, the value of humility, and the way we’ve spoken of ‘finding decisions’ here at Talking Story: Can you see with your ears? How open-minded are you, and how willing are you to weigh the opinions of others? Much of it is about proactive listening, so you can choose to live with a greater confidence — it’s a confidence that you’ve uncovered and discovered the best answer, because you’ve gone looking for it. It’s cultivating an optimistic attitude which will align with your values, keeping positive expectancy in your life.

So much of this starts with being very choosy and deliberate about your own inputs.

I strongly encourage you to sit with this as a writing exercise of your own. I gave you a current listing of what I think of as my Deliberate Inputs: What are yours?

Listen well to be well, and start with good, healthy ingredients.

Postscript: On the reading front, if you’d like to come with me, and follow the rabbit trails of my finds, remember to check in with Ho‘ohana Aloha, my Tumblr — that’s where I tend to clip them.

Bonus Links: Read what Dan Oestreich has to say On Finding Confidence. He also wrote about polarity recently, in Contribution to Society.


  1. Anne says

    Thanks for the great Mahalo-living reminder, Rosa! :-) I’m surrounded by (dis)stress currently, but also much blessing to be thankful for…I shall turn my thoughts towards that…it feels much better to live that way! Mahalo for sharing your encouraging words!

    • Rosa Say says

      You’re not alone Anne :) Just so happens I had a pretty stressful day yesterday after posting this earlier in the morning. So I self-coached to practice what I preach, pulled this back up on my laptop screen to make a choice with what I’d do next — and that conscious elevation of spirits worked wonders! Stress is going to happen, and often, a great go-to list can be the best medicine for us. And I do agree with you: My gratitude journal does have that reliable and comforting Mahalo-magic!

  2. says

    Hi Rosa!

    I let this one sink in for a day, and loved the link back to your post on positive thinking. It’s interesting that there could be this little bit of effort involved, conscious effort that is part of our own personal practice of self-nurturance.

    You might be interested in this article that shows there is a genetic link to positive thinking — and also wisely points out that genetics do not control us; they simply set up predispositions and we can still choose within our environment how or even whether that predisposition is expressed.

    Thanks for another great article, Rosa, and also for the kind links back to my own writing.

    • Rosa Say says

      I was interested and fascinated about that Dan, thank you for the link, though I must confess to an instinctive whoa! reaction a bit similar to the person commenting there. I guess I’d say I’m more predisposed to our Aloha Spirit, i.e. where choice, free will, and human-capacity-in-spirit trumps any genetics… this take on our “biology” remains one of my favorite finds: Believe in your biology.