Verb your own story: Read , Write, Converse

It’s February 1st. Hey — Did you just groan?

This is the day the new year’s newness officially wears off, isn’t it. It’s the day the shine begins to look rather dull, perhaps even scratched. However that’s the ‘half empty’ attitude, versus the ‘half full’ one we can have instead” we can do better. Shall we take an accounting of how we’re doing so far with 2011 as our Year of Better Habits by counting the blessings?

I’ve shared bits here with you already, of clues which came up in January because we opted for wayfinding: Watching for ‘best clues’ has been so much nicer than committing to specific resolutions, don’t you think?

We started with a simple willingness to “break previously-set-up patterns of orientation” (love how Pat phrased that for us), did some book reading, tapped into playing tourist and revealing other spaces for inspiration to flourish, returned to our roots, and were even able to produce a brand new ebook (our values will always be our best clues!)

Do you feel as optimistic as I do?

I sincerely hope so. The best advice I can give you, is to count your January blessings too, no matter how small. Then articulate your own Language of Intention for the rest of the year to come, revealing the verbs which emerged as clues: Keep them shining and new with whatever vocabulary will capture what you now suspect will be your best habits. Words are powerful, and as storyteller Iain Thomas puts it,

“There’s no story I can tell you, that is as powerful
as the story you can tell yourself.”

In 2010 Take 5 Game-Changing was very effective for me. This year, I’m starting to feel goodness evolving within a Take 3 of exceptionally strong ‘verb words’ instead, wanting to Read more, Write more, and have more Conversations. While abundant within themselves (Palena ‘ole), each has such a distinctive and altogether pleasing pattern of wayfinding.

I’m feeling the humble yet promising beginnings to a very rich year.

The "New Beach" ~ Kindle and Apple earbuds

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