The 1-2-3 journey of Alaka‘i Managers

I’m not going to be shy about this, for I’m hearing wonderful early reports from others who were among the first to download my new ebook for you, and Hau‘oli‘oli Kākou ~ I am jumping for joy!

Download your free copy on Smashwords:
You have 10 different formats to choose from there, including a printable PDF

It’s only been a week since the ebook’s release, and I’ve been delighted to hear that many people who had already read Managing with Aloha are doing so a second time, but differently — they are using the annotation method described in the first week of the program:

Take 1: You will first read the book cover to cover, taking notes in a learning method and self-coaching framework I will describe to you. Everything begins with Aloha, and we’ll get comfortable with this value in an actionable way, allowing its goodness to inspire us! Know that you have everything it takes, for in short, Aloha is you living from the inside out, and “Living with Aloha” is dwelling in the self-awareness of your own ability and capacity.

Best of all, you need not do this alone, even if you are the only manager in your company who is aware of this choice you have, to manage and lead with the incredible abundance of Aloha. You can learn with us, the your Ho‘ohana Community.

Now that we have this new ebook coaching format to help us, the 1-2-3 journey for emerging Alaka‘i Managers has become:

  1. Read Managing with Aloha (Buy it in print on ~ It’s now on Kindle too) and commit to applying it in the workplace.
  2. If you feel you have a calling for management, get started with reconstructing the Role of the Manager with us via the self-coaching program in the how-to ebook: Become an Alaka‘i Managers in 5 weeks!
  3. Continue to be a lifelong learner with the rest of us right here on Talking Story, using the learning construct of the 9 Key Concepts. Speak up as this blogging format allows you to!

Be a manager who is part of a movement, and be heard.

Hana hou! I am so excited with the progress we are making, and I hope you are too.

Mahalo nui loa to those who have been emailing me of their impressions as they work through the beginning of the ebook: Your feedback is helping me tremendously as I evaluate some ideas for our next project together, so please keep it coming!