Ready? Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks!

The coaching ebook I have promised you is done! (and it’s free.)

Our Ho‘ohana mission on job creation has yet another new spark. Help me keep the embers glowing brightly will you? Let’s start a raging bonfire for our Managing with Aloha movement!

Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks is now available on Smashwords

We’d set our sights on publishing this week, and we did it. However this is not for me: It’s for the Alaka‘i Manager who is within YOU.

Click anywhere on this ebook jacket, or take this link to the Smashwords page.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Smashwords, you’re in for a new treat in reading too: You’ll see that you have 10 reading formats to choose from, including a Kindle version, and the PDF best for printing — Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks came in at 37 pages long printed. The links which make the Table of Contents clickable will work in the e-reading of the PDF as well. When you choose the first option for Online Reading on Smashwords (HTML) take a look at the choices you have with display preferences in the left side column to read it your way; very cool.

Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks is due to be released by these ebook retailers as follows:

  • April 12: By Sony and Kobo
  • April 14: By Apple (iPad and iTunes)
  • April 16: By Barnes & Noble (Nook)
  • These dates have constantly changed — get it now on Smashwords!

They each may decide to offer at $0.99 (Good news! The ebook will remain FREE :) so keep in mind that you can still get it today (and for free) via Smashwords. If you have a Kindle, there are instructions on the USB-loading here (and I did it that way)… not sure if it works for these other readers.

Please help me spread the word, would you?

If you tell another manager about this, and they have never heard of me or  Managing with Aloha, sending them to my profile page on Smashwords might be easier, and the ebook appears there too: Rosa on Smashwords.

If you’re just now joining us here on Talking Story, and are interested in the process of these things (i.e. How a Ho‘ohana intention can unfold :-) here is the backstory. Proof positive to what a blog theme can do for us too…

The other reason I offer up the progression which follows, is to demonstrate what can happen when you finish the 5-week progression that Become an Alaka‘i Manager will take you through. At the end of the ebook I encourage the reader to join us here on Talking Story for their continuous learning using the 9 Key Concepts, and this has been our learning journey from last December until now.

  1. We decided to include “Jobs Reinvented and Delivered for Best Livelihood” as one of our Take 5 initiatives for 2010 back in December: Take 5 in 2010: A Game-Changing Ho‘ohana.
  2. I honestly had no idea how we would tackle job reinvention, and so we started the year with Aloha as our value theme, simply trusting in it to ground us as we usually do. This is a good post to recap all of January: Values are the Bedrock of Hard Reality.
  3. In February, we stuck with Aloha as our theme, and added in learning more about Key Concept 7: Strengths Management, with this kick-off: February’s Strengthening. We know it as Love.
  4. Ho‘ohana became our second value theme for 2010 on March 15th, and we knew: When better to tackle the part about jobs in our Take 5 game-changing? For Ho‘ohana is all about work, right? Right! The Alaka‘i Manager as Job Maker.
  5. We did start broadly, reviewing concepts such as Energy and Gainful Employment, and making our connection back to the work we’d just done in February with strengths: Job Creation Employs Strengths, Then People.
  6. Then some synergy in another of my projects created that spark I mentioned in the beginning! Managing with Aloha now on Kindle!
  7. I broke the news about the ebook I was writing here: About Managing with Aloha: Has it intrigued but overwhelmed you? and as I explain there, “I see this free release as a freeing for all of us.”
  8. Last, before downloading the ebook itself, this post will give you an Overview of the 5-week progression the ebook presents, and it takes us back to reflect on the Take 5 initiative which started our journey to begin with: Creating Jobs? Let’s start with the Job Maker.

We’ve chosen to get involved with job creation in 2010: What initiative will you seize once you’ve been newly equipped and energized with Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks — ?

Where do we go from here?

Well, this process has given me all kinds of ideas, and I hope it’s done that for you too. Capture your ideas — write them down!

As for Talking Story, I’ll hold off on jumping to another theme: I think we’ll take it slow and easy during the 5 weeks to come so we can all work with the ebook for now. How does that sound?

We Ho‘ohana together, Kākou, and we become Alaka‘i Managers who serve workplaces everywhere, in Aloha :-)

Rosa Say 2009
Rosa Say


  1. Rosa Say says

    Aloha everyone,
    If you have downloaded Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks but have not read it yet, please be sure you have the newest version: 1.7 dated today, April 10th.

    The beauty of using Smashwords is that I can continually update it as I receive your suggestions. A very special mahalo to Chris Bailey for helping me with some fresh thinking which led to this newest version uploaded today!

    • Rosa Say says

      Aloha Deb, good to meet you!

      Thank you for sharing your comment with me, and I do hope you enjoy the ebook and find it useful. I would be very interested in hearing back from you on where you see the strongest connections between Managing with Aloha and Huna, and I’m sure others in the community would be too.

      I was intrigued in reading What is “Saya no uchi de katsu”? on your blog right now: Your Saya No Uchi site is beautifully done, and I will return to read more.

  2. says

    Aloha Rosa!

    And a great big mahalo! Looks like we both found new places to return to! Those connections will most likely come up in a future post. I never thought of how Huna and the Aloha spirit would apply to business because, well, I just *do* it. Now you’ve gone and made me think about *how* I do it! Good job!
    .-= Deb Dorchak ´s last blog ..More Than a Hobby: The Martial Arts Lifestyle =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Your values are talking to you Deb, and they have been all along, as they are grounded in your Aloha spirit :-) Now, with a little help from Managing with Aloha and what you’ll learn within the ebook about “language of intention” they will be articulated to the rest of us too, and your kaona (hidden story) will become an even stronger part of your mana‘o (where beliefs and convictions have become personal truth). Beautifully written story-telling on your blog now, and it is sure to improve within your Aloha, I am sure!

      [I’m guessing you are already familiar with these Hawaiian words. I will define them as I type for everyone reading along.]