Be the Best Communicator

by Rosa Say for Say “Alaka‘i” on March 4, 2010

My favorite coaching assignment for Alaka‘i Managers (second to the Daily Five Minutes, and much easier to learn) is this one, reserved for the last 15 minutes of their workday.

  1. Answer this question: Who is waiting to hear from me?
  2. Make that call, preferably in person or on the phone. Give them whatever update you have.

Cultivate this simple two-step as a daily workplace habit, and I guarantee you you’ll be known as the best communicator people know.

We managers don’t share information half as much as we should, and seemingly small habits like this one make a BIG difference.

The Great Escape? Subtitle: Hiding from the customers! by Practical Owl on Flickr

Try it, and see what happens to your reputation as an Alaka‘i Manager.

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