Take 5 in 2010 Game-Changing; a February update

Preface for any who may be new, or occasional readers:

Subscriptions to Talking Story have spiked in the last week since we said Aloha to Joyful Jubilant Learning, and I am thrilled to have you here. THRILLED. I assure you, joyful learning will always be a part of Talking Story (learning is my Hawaiian value of ‘Ike loa); I cannot imagine it being otherwise.

Reading back over this posting, which follows, I also feel I should explain” There’s a lot of self-indulgent “me” in it, offered up to you as the silent question, “Perhaps you too?”

There are times my posts will “talk story out loud” as a clarity-seeking extension of my own self-talk, and it usually happens on Sundays, a Mālama [stewardship, within caring] day for me. So a truthful caveat that my writing today is normal for me, as the person I am, but not post-normal as the author ofTalking Story, who seeks to deliver more concise writing to you that is not as lengthy, nor with as many posited yet unanswered questions. If you skip this one you will not hurt my feelings, truly. However if you have the time to read it, it might also be the quickest “pleased to meet you,” catch-up, and/or reconnecting you can possibly do with me, for I am committed to giving Talking Story my good stuff, and not the clutter, interesting as it may be, or the sometimes noisy clatter. It’s just that the process of it all needs a writer’s rambling room at times. Sundays suit, are Mālama kind and patient.

A seemingly opposite (but very connected) aside: I also discovered Iain Thomas’s TED talk yesterday, which is a very compelling way to learn about you and not me, and I highly recommend it:

“You and I, We are the Same.” Yet”“we’ve grown up in this digital space, where identity is entirely optional.” —Iain Thomas

You can watch it on my Tumblr, Ho‘ohana Aloha. Click here to see the video (9:28 long).

Glorious weekends, we love thee

It’s Sunday. For many on this particular Sunday, that means the Colts versus the Saints within SuperBowl XLIV with a supporting cast of million-dollar commercial spots. For me, that means thinking and taking stock on a day others in my sports-fanatic household are more than happy to give me that space, especially after I’ve prepped with a great Weekly Review done on Saturday. If the game is good, they’ll have it on tape.

There is no better “taking stock” for me, than following up on something. Then ‘better,’ becomes more meaningful when that following up is with my current Ho‘ohana [my work intention]:
Take 5 in 2010: A Game-Changing Ho‘ohana is what we now turn to updating.

Why game-changing?

No, it’s not more within a SuperBowl metaphor. Game-changing is the first question I answer for myself when the years morph from one into another: Do you want to change your game, whatever it may be, or do you want to tweak the same one, and improve it in some way?

In my case, the 2009 shift into 2010 answer had to do with learning new and different versus more of the same, as a wanting that was tugging at my insides. It was connected to how my learning directly affects my ‘doing’ of most everything (i.e. my productivity: Am I busy, or accomplished? Big difference.)

As the saying goes, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll likely get what you’ve always gotten.” Einstein gave this another twist” he defined insanity as doing the same things but expecting different results. Provocative coaching.

Mahalo for being here, and helping

Rands tweeted: “As you write, you need to take your readers with you.”

I think this Sunday is good for that purpose, for much has happened. Besides, as I write, and share things I find and discover, I will take myself with me too, in that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” kind of way.

Your words can move you if you let them

I have written that adopting mantras can be powerful. In Managing with Aloha, we refer to it as the power of our Language of Intention [MWA Key Concept #5] for the words we speak and act upon are incredibly quick and efficient in effecting shift in workplace culture.

Sometimes I will rediscover this key myself, and on a very personal basis, and by now you’d think I’d no longer be surprised by the way that works, but I am. Keeping my sense of wonder about it all is good, I suppose” yes. We have to know that there are forces at play stronger than we are, fragile and mistake-prone humans that we are (hmmm” more to explore here with the concept of love as a strengthener” will table the thought, for now.)

My Ho‘ohana Sculpting. MWA is inseparable

Back in December, as 2010 drew to a close, I posted Take 5 in 2010: A Game-Changing Ho‘ohana. In brief, updated form, the thoughts, and possible mantras within it, were these:

  • “My overall strategy for 2010 became clear to me early on: Less will be more.”
  • Taking 5 has proved so good for me in the past, and I trust it. Here are the 5 things I now consider the lumps of clay awaiting my own Ho‘ohana sculpting throughout 2010:”

1. Say Leadership Coaching (my business umbrella) will serve Great Managers directly

Learning and stretching is glorious: They grow you. However the truth is that I had allowed too much mission-creep to sway me from my own Ho‘ohana focus. And guess what? In the process of better focus, we can do much for everyone who aspires to self-manage, and self-lead, or manage and lead with their ideas and demonstrative illustrations versus by managing others.

2. M/L Practical: The 30/70 Mission of Managing with Aloha

“M/L Practical” refers to leadership (L) creating energy as our greatest resource, with management (M) channeling that energy in the best possible way. 30/70 is a weekly measurement and action application of the time we devote to each: 30% to leading and 70% to managing. Generally I will write on leading each Tuesday, and on managing each Thursday, with publishing at Say Alaka‘i keeping me on track.

3. Jobs Reinvented and Delivered for Best Livelihood

Not only are business models being reinvented post the “Great Recession;” so is work, job, and career. Do we understand our true relationship with wealth? Our values can help guide us: Values are the Bedrock of Hard Reality.

4. Small and Nimble Self-Managing Teams and Tribes

And small and nimble everything else, it turns out. Self-reliance is speaking up in a louder voice too, a voice we all should welcome, I think. Teams and tribes demand that choices are made. Choices about involvement, about managing, about leading, about good following. There are choices about commitment, the honoring of character, and respect for culture.

5. Critical, Consistent, Clear Communication: “Communication is huge and we need a focus.”

Increasingly true, each and every day. It presses on me, hard and insistent. It battles within me constantly: Communicate, yet quietly reflect first. Communicate with clarity, yet be open to ambiguity and variance. Communicate, yet debrief in private, and self-edit.

Each point has gotten sharpened or strengthened, has spoken up louder, or has intensified somehow. These past few weeks have been affirming and amazing.

For today, and to wrap this up in some way, these are two milestones” movable rocks I am painting with emotional images (like those torches the final 3 burn on Survivor!)” polished stones I will hold in my hand to feel their presence, solidity and strength”

Of Significance: 1. Learning is a never-ending Project

But even learning needs boundaries.

7 short days ago, I declared “game over” for Joyful Jubilant Learning: Learning Healthy and Joyful Endings. I surprised many with my decision; I surprised myself. There were others who completely understood, or who were not surprised at all, or who had wondered why it took me as long as it did to arrive at my place of ending. Not-so-oddly when you think about it, these others were some of the ones closest to the project.

Today, a mere week later, I can best think of Joyful Jubilant Learning as a project of stellar proportions, and not a blog I ended. “Project” does not minimize it in any way, believe me. I love, and thrive in Wow Projects. JJL was stellar in that it challenged me, and others, to open up our learning in Palena ‘ole capacity-stretching. Palena ‘ole is MWA Key Concept #9:

9. Palena ‘ole (Unlimited Capacity):

This is your exponential growth stage, and about seeing your bigger and better leadership dreams come to fruition. Think “Legacy.” Create abundance by honoring capacity; physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Seek inclusive, full engagement and optimal productivity, and scarcity will be banished.

Learning is a never-ending project for all human beings who want to grow, believing in their own unlimited capacity. Yet we do have to manage our Learning within focus-sharpening boundaries with reasonable edges at times, making it a “short and deep” project of significance with a defined beginning and decision-bearing end. Otherwise, it can take over everything else.

For some, learning at JJL meant community. For others, learning with JJL meant “learning apart together.” Thank you so very much Lodewijk for that clarity. To you who chose that route, silently yet resolutely sticking with us in spirit whenever we vocal JJLers nagged you to be more visibly involved, I admire you, and better appreciate you now, if indeed you stuck with your learning.

Stellar Wow Projects give back in many ways, and , as raw as it still feels for some of us, I am very confident that JJL will continue to give.

Of Significance: 2. Communication benefits greatly from Sense of Place

I think this one also connects to “Less is more” and “Small and nimble.” I am still craving more FOCUS and as a publisher, I am fully aware how much every part of my life marches to the rhythm of how and what I am communicating in any point in time in different team circles.

And oh, what a vicious circle this can be…

Accomplishing is a smaller chunk than all of doing.
Can we do less, yet accomplish more?

Doing is a smaller chunk than all of communicating.
Can we communicate less, but get more done?

Communicating is a smaller chunk than all of thinking.
Can we think less, yet communicate more?

Thinking is a smaller chunk than all of learning.
Can we learn less, yet think more about our learning?

While critical, learning is smaller than the largeness of living.
And in our living, place can mean almost everything.

Another thing that JJL taught me so well, painfully so at times, was that communities and teams are defined by place too, not just people.

To help me focus on my game-changing in 2010, I need to recommit to Sense of Place [MWA Key Concept #8] in some tangible ways which are connected to how and where I communicate. So these are my decisions going forward, with where, for some very practical and tactical reasons, I will communicate from.

You will see more detail evolve as it happens; all need some transition time and may not start immediately, but soon. All are already in process. As usual, I start with Ho‘ohana intentions in the form of another Take 5: My manageable, small chunk of choice.

  1. One place as “true blog” and that is here, at Talking Story, my mothership. I have changes planned for all the other domain names I own and publish under the Ho‘ohana Publishing umbrella; stay tuned.
  2. One place as “Hawai‘i citizen publisher” and “my local” and that will be at Say “Alaka‘i.”
  3. One place in “conversational web-based social media” and that will be on Twitter, and simplified in one account @rosasay. I make no apology for other places I share or broadcast online and choose not to converse; it is intentional.
  4. One place from which I will draw subject matter for any additional writing I do as a guest author, and one place from which all business models, coaching, writing, speaking presentations, teaching workshops, and new projects will flow in 2010. It is the one place from which all value-alignment will root, and remain fertile, and that is Managing with Aloha.
  5. A place I will still say “no” to throughout 2010, despite the more popular web marketing “wisdom” we are bombarded with: I will not be doing any email newsletters over and above, or different from the ways you can now get my publishing alerts directly into your inbox: Via Feedburner subscriptions to either this blog, Talking Story (click here), or if you want even more, my Tumblr, Ho‘ohana Aloha (click here).

Clarity is such a beautiful thing! It is kind. It can soothe and heal.

Where do you stand with your Ho‘ohana, this 6th Sunday into 2010? Mālama yourself. It feels really, really wonderful.

Photo Credits: Posse of painted stones by Isot pihvit pizzat on Flickr


  1. says

    one of your questions caught my attention in a specific way:
    Can we do less and accomplish more? for me that means: stopping to hop from one open loop to another. Instead of doing that I will try to close these open loops. I will ask myself: what is my mothership? and how are the connections between blogging, creating squidoo pages, tweeting, and writing ezine articles? What are my goals? And how do I best accomplish them? A lot of questions, and I don’t know yet all the answers. But your post motivated me to ask those questions, and that’s the first step. Thank you!
    .-= Ulla ´s last blog ..Living Here and Now =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      A wise approach Ulla! Isn’t that a great concept? Very helpful.

      For any newer readers, we had spoken of “open loops” here: Open Loops, Meet Sweet Closure (a JJL posting I had done just a month ago – so much has happened since then! The power of intention…)

      Ulla, you have been churning out an incredible amount of content – that “blogging, creating squidoo pages, tweeting, and writing ezine articles” you refer to, and I agree this might be a good time to step back, look at them as your “painted rocks” and give them a sense of place connection (within defining those goals you seek to define) which calls to you.

  2. says

    Rosa, I so agree with this:

    JJL was stellar in that it challenged me, and others, to open up our learning in Palena ‘ole capacity-stretching.

    I am enjoying the spill-over of capacity stretching with that strange co-incidence (or was it?) which saw me taking a break from my own ‘mother ship’ Confident Writing as JJL was drawing to a close. I’m enjoying taking stock and identifying where and how I can best stretch, grow and learn.

    Without a mother ship for the time being I feel both free and secure… secure in the network of friendships and relationships which continue, regardless of platforms, post & content :-)

    • Rosa Say says

      Joanna, we are such kindred spirits… When you ask about “that strange co-incidence (or was it?) I also think about an admiration I know we share for W. H. Murray, who said,

      Until one is committed,
      There is hesitancy – the chance to draw back.
      Always ineffectiveness.

      Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)
      There is one elementary truth,
      The ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

      That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.
      All sorts of things occur to help one that would have otherwise never occurred.
      A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
      Raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance,
      Which no person could have dreamt would have come their way.

      Joanna, you have taught me much about what commitment can look like, feel like, and how it can be expressed. Our Providence moving no longer surprises me!

      Indeed, I think you do Mālama yourself in the “taking stock” you do, and as Talking Story has done for me, I suspect that Confident Writing will continue to nurture you, even when you give it a time of quiet peace. I am very happy to know you feel “both free and secure” – that is quite an accomplishment!

  3. says

    Ever have one of those comments that might should be done by e-mail but you don’t know the person well enough to do it that way? I’m not a hundred percent sure I know you well enough to e-mail you this… weirdly I don’t feel I know enough to say what I’m about to say either… please, if it offends or oversteps delete the comment and don’t take offense as it’s not meant that way at all.

    JJL didn’t click with me. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because it was so active… so busy and so requiring active participation by the reader. It’s not something I can just read and come back to later. It, as Joanna says, challenges us, and I never felt up to answering lol. So I didn’t click because I wasn’t able/willing to commit the time needed to get the most out of it.

    I first found you… not sure really how I found you but early on I bought your book and I love your book. (Note the present tense. I loved it then, and I love it now.) I am now having trouble figuring out if you’re an author who blogs or a blogger who authored. The reason it matters to me is you had/have so many blogs and do so much with us here online and I hope that this increases speaking engagements… I guess I didn’t include that as another option. There’s the speaker who blogs and write books as well…

    So many blogs and I’m dying for another book. Are each of your blogs serving you the way you want them to. They each have a goal… does the goal help YOU? They help me. I’m a raving fan. I send ppl your direction often via twitter & e-mail and shared posts on google reader… I’m a fan of your sites, but are your sites helping you achieve personal goals… this is the part that is so none of my business that I have changed twice already. When your sites are time sinks and aren’t benefiting you… giving at least as much to you as you give to us… I hope you’re getting as good as you’re giving because as a consumer of your feeds I feel like I’m cheating you every time you make a post. I feel like a consumer who comes to the store for the free give-aways and leaves without buying anything…

    I see consolidation and focusing of energies happening here on the Rosa front… Ultimately there’s GOT to be some time freed up here. Please… tell us that there’s an outline sitting on your desk or your Macbook Pro titled “Aloha during hard times” or something like that.

    We’re all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear you announce another project. (Please don’t take this badly. I’m having real trouble hitting POST on this one.)
    .-= Rich ´s last blog ..How’d I get where I am today” =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      First of all Rich, email me whenever you want! That said, I LOVE that you hit publish on your comment and bravely shared this with all of us, truly. You’re a star, your Aloha spirit radiating brightly and warmly here (as usual).

      So let’s see” there are several questions here, and I want to be sure I answer them all”

      About JJL: I get this, really do. JJL did not have a business model, but it did have a “tertiary learning model” which required a certain level of community commitment, and thus, it did not work for everyone —just as there cannot be a singular, all-purpose business model for all enterprise. There was a devoted core there, and one of the reasons we could border on badgering quieter readers to get more involved, was because a) on a very human level we needed more feedback than we got, and b) we otherwise felt like we were “dancing with ourselves, and no one who might want to, can cut in!” However, as you pointed out, the model we’d developed over the three years the group blogging/learning project lasted, required that you couldn’t even watch for a dance’s entry point during a single song sometimes (though the authors tried). People would still feel they had to be there for the entire CD (the current monthly theme) or for the whole symphony season! We wanted to be an inclusive community, but truth is that the ones who got the very most out of JJL did make some other sacrifices in making their commitment. Such is life, and such are all learning choices, and no one need regret making the JJL choice or not making it.

      “I am now having trouble figuring out if you’re an author who blogs or a blogger who authored.”

      At first I chuckled at this, but then when I read the rest of what you wrote, I wished you were here in the room with me so I could give you a big hug” Who am I? First, I am a learner who will often allow my learning to get the best of me (and JJL is but the recent case in point.) I say “first” because learning is a personal value (and my defining signature strength, if Gallup StrengthsFinder profiling is to be believed) which is borderline demonic in its hold on me. I get study/learning crazy about my own learning triggers, and can get way too distracted by them” the websites you mention, 17 of them! are where the learner in me dances with the geek-publisher in me.

      Second, writing is my love because I simply enjoy it, and because it serves me so well as an expression of my thinking, giving it a certain heft, validity, and usefulness being I do so much of it and cannot stop myself. I have said that writing is like breathing for me, and that gets so overwhelming in its raw truth at times” hard for me to explain it. Blogging is an extension of this, but it also has to do with managing as that “channeling of available energy” that I’ve written about so much in recent months.

      Besides my family, who trump everything, the people I am dedicated to are managers, for as you know, I passionately believe that management matters in our world, and more today than it ever has before. Thus Managing with Aloha has become my mission because it is the way I believe I can serve managers best. My book is simply a published and edited form of the coaching I give in person at the workshops I do: My managing and teaching came first, then my coaching, then the book for two purposes: 1. As an after-the-workshop resource, so none of the training I offered ever deteriorated into a “flavor of the month” waste, and 2. For the managers in the world whom I would never have the opportunity to teach or coach in person” at least until I figured something else out in tipping MWA toward the mission-turned-movement I dream it can be.

      Cue blogging. MWA was published in 2004 and I became a blogger afterwards, a learner, writer/now author, and manager’s advocate who at that point in time, loved learning of the possibilities this then-new thing called “blogging” was hinting at.

      All of this said, my online web presence (Ho‘ohana Publishing) is but a third of me. Another third is family and our everyday “living with aloha.” The remaining third are the businesses which pay the bills and have supported my family during my childrens’ college years: Say Leadership Coaching and Writing with Aloha (a b2b publishing arm) —my Ho‘ohana in realtime work as a workplace culture coach is very, very rewarding. Book distribution being what it is in such a crowded market (MWA is very poorly distributed I admit”) is minimal for my present business model.

      Believe it or not Rich, I can count on one hand the people who have told me “So many blogs and I’m dying for another book” or something similar, and maybe I needed to hear it more. But beyond that, I have not been done with Managing with Aloha enough to feel the urgency with writing another book, and true MWA practitioners take a while to work through it. I have been content with blogging getting my updated MWA messages out beyond my business portals, speaking engagements, and my other projects, to not write that second book and become a sophomore author. Will I still feel this way this time next year? Maybe not” which returns us to this thinking out loud posting today. Shift is in the air, and I am paying attention in a way I wasn’t before.

      Would I love to write and publish another book? More than you know, and this is all part of fitting in the possibility and reinvention of my own business models.

      “I see consolidation and focusing of energies happening here on the Rosa front” Ultimately there’s GOT to be some time freed up here. Please” tell us that there’s an outline sitting on your desk or your Macbook Pro titled “Aloha during hard times” or something like that.”

      Yes, there is a substantial amount of time I am freeing up, and the next few months will see how much I have grown, or how small I remain, and if so, why, for there are fewer projects to make the diagnosis as variable-ridden. Truth is, I have been working up my courage this weekend to say “No, not in 2010″ to another project I had given a tentative yes to prematurely.

      You’ve helped me face my own gauntlet better Rich, this comment of yours a true gift of courageous honesty, profound generosity and incredible Aloha. Mahalo, sincerely.

  4. says

    Soooo…. not banned from coming back then?

    I understand the need to write. I think it was Stephen King in his “On Writing” that said writers have to write and then went on to talk about how it was a need and he did it even when it wasn’t yet making him money and he had a full time “real” job…. writers have to write.

    I have the itch as well. I journal and blog on a few blogs as a way to scratch the itch and to think things out… I think better in writing sometimes so I totally understand that part of what you’re saying.

    I guess I never considered that MwA could be great support material for your coaching talks. That would be awesome to keep it alive in the people’s heads with whom you worked… and so much better than a leaflet or stapled together thing like I’ve had handed out before at various seminars etc.

    I just read 5 Temptations of the CEO and enjoyed it, this is sort of the source of my longish comment… It was OK. (Our CEO suggested we all read it and replace CEO with “leader” when we read it.) The thing is… I’ve read better for free on this and other blogs. I read it on the kindle but it’s $15.00 for 160 pages and I’m pretty sure they’re large print with big margins. I read it in a night.

    It occurred to me when I finished it that there are some bloggers out there who aren’t giving us, their fans, enough chances to support them. Wil Wheaton’s self-publishing thru lulu.com may or may not make him much money. I haven’t a clue really. But my guess is if you compiled a best of book… or some themic books and let people buy them… it would require some editing to translate it from blog feel to book feel… but I would buy it/them… and I bet someone else would too.

    (LoL — you’re working on saying ‘no’ and I’m suggesting more things to use up your time with I know… It’s primarily out of a desire to support a person, project, way of doing business that I completely believe in.) I’m off to prep for the new week tomorrow… more training and while it’s the favorite part of my job it’s the part that requires the most prep on my part ahead of time so I can do it right!
    .-= Rich ´s last blog ..How’d I get where I am today” =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      I’m listening Rich. This day may be a significant game-changer indeed, and again, I’m not referring to SuperBowl XLIV (congratulations to the New Orleans Saints btw!) Just Tumbled about two other things happening today: Take a look at Ho‘ohana Aloha.

      Thank you so much for your support Rich: I promise you will be the first to know when I have another manuscript done (you WILL get a galley to read) or an e-book or other online product to sell :-)

      As I had told you privately in that forum, I GREATLY appreciate the support you had given me at Ruzuku in that alpha experimenting with getting a virtual push created for D5M (the Daily 5 Minutes of MWA). Thank you again, and stay tuned for more coming there, when time for the Ruzuku Beta.

      I do agree that there is a big business opportunity out there for author support where old-model agents and publishers have not been writer and/or blogger advocates and enablers. Writing great content is one thing; turning it into marketable, sellable products takes another skill set and a lot of new learning and hard work.

  5. says

    What an amazing exchange of ideas. Rich, I’m glad you had the courage to share this… Rosa, I never cease to be amazed at how you create the conditions for this kind of conversation to emerge.

    If I had a wish for a Rosa book it would be photos + a few words introducing the value, and a short page of explanation of the value / suggestions about how to build it into your life.

    Hope it’s okay for me to say that out loud Rosa :-)
    .-= Joanna ´s last blog ..7 Ways to Stay Connected to Confident Writing =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Yes Joanna, okay for you to say that out loud :-) In fact, a book of my own photography + the values of Aloha is already a target I am aiming for.

      Amy Palko gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life when she encouraged me to buy the right digital camera for me and helped me do so (they were stalled in my anti-gadget phase up until then). K.Todd Storch then followed that up with a Flickr pro subscription as his birthday gift for me, and I’ve never looked back. (My Flickr page.)

      My learning continues with photography. I could probably pull a book like that together with the florals I shoot regularly, but I feel I need other compositions, and I continue to look for them. My photos do not suffice for Talking Story either, and thank goodness for the Aloha of the others on Flickr who share Creative Commons permissions for their camera-captured artistry.

      • Rosa Say says

        Hmmm… reading this again, you didn’t say it had to be my photography… however that is my personal goal, and I do have to reconsider the learning time it will take to get me there.

  6. says

    Today’s words were an elixir for me Rosa. Your management-sensibility seems to have a hook in one of my rear belt loops as I question the whole “management thing” while shifting into third gear in my journey away from it.

    As much as the words love and work have no personal meaning for me, the words management and personal great experience have none either. You see while previous managers would drive me batty with their notions of the whole goal setting/achieving thing, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t run for the hills if you and I engaged in the process, even using the old, stifling language. I’m also pretty sure that “managers as my handler” is but a distant memory for me.

    I am still intent on changing the language and viewpoint. The thing is, you are pretty much working now in the framework that I am moving toward. And that’s why I have no intention of unhooking you from my belt loop.

    I got a chuckle as I was reading Rich’s first comment. I said I bet I could answer his questions as well as you could. I also envisioned you shifting in your seat to get a comfortable position, while your heart began to beat a little faster in anticipation of a reply. I could see the glow on your face over here.

    Rich, IMHO, I’m not really sure more is better when it comes to Rosa’s output. She’s written sooooo much online in the last six years. For a really cool learning experience, I suggest that you sift through her stuff and compile that “best of book”, customizing it to what’s important to you. And I so applaud you for speaking out here!
    .-= Dave ´s last blog ..Fortune: A Design Treasure =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Okay Uncle Davie… going to make myself a café latte, double-shot Kona strong before I respond to more here” (so you felt that heart-beat and glow, huh? Why am I not surprised…)

      • Rosa Say says

        Dave, we’ve had a similar conversation about this before (at JJL I think). For me, book writing and blog writing are very different, varying how they are connect to the learning process of each, and not as a judgment of some books now published as blog compilations, for I think some good ones have been made (I keep meaning to read Joanna’s: 199 Ways to Write with Confidence).

        The operative question for me goes back to why I wrote MWA in the first place: Beyond being a good story, how will this help the managers I want to serve: How will they use this? Books require way too much; and in my mana‘o, to read any book just once and put it aside is incredibly sad. Some have called MWA my memoir, and while it does capture my life prior to 2003, that was never my intention in writing it; my stories became necessary as better illustrations.

        Rich and Dave: I never would have considered a blog post compilation before, and I still would not publish a writing endeavour as a book similar to the “please keep me close as your resource!” intention of Managing with Aloha. However I do see e-commerce possibilities for that, and I have already done a few customized ones within my Writing with Aloha business. I ask business owners I coach what workplace values they would like me to concentrate on as invaluable to their business culture, and I then repurpose selected archived posts I have written + MWA excerpts (as prompts to more resources via value indexing it contains) into employee handbooks and/or new orientation guides. Company-proprietary intranets I have designed and/or moderated are included within that “17 websites” number I mentioned to Rich.

        All that me, me, me aside, this part of what Dave speaks of (and has been writing about at his place) fascinates and intrigues me, and I have to sit with it more”

        I’m also pretty sure that “managers as my handler” is but a distant memory for me.

        I am still intent on changing the language and viewpoint.

          • Rosa Say says

            I’m becoming a fan of Evernote too Rich, but only recently, and I must give some other credit to this find. I normally think of my memory as a weakness I have, and I do indeed rely on certain things to help me…

            a) Dave, you do make lasting impressions my friend. Your comments left at Joyful Jubilant Learning, here, and elsewhere are consistently thoughtful and shared in a voice that is unmistakably you in its “daveness” and Aloha. Often, I know they are from you before I see your name or finish reading them

            b) talking story, and how it continues conversations between friends and like-minded learners. We have talked about this, or something connected to it, quite often. I am consistently amazed by how the best conversations which happen here are with people I have never met face-to-face, but who have become friends and generous thought-leaders I admire, taking residence in my mana‘o —case in point, every commenter here in this thread so far!

            c) WordPress (now the blogging platform both here and at JJL) is endearing itself to me as an archiving/ sorting/ searching tool which is far, far superior to TypePad” it took some convincing me, and I am thrilled I made the switch. For instance, I could not resist tweeting this yesterday:

            Working on the @JJLhui archives, I sorted the comments by 1 reader I know, reading them as an ongoing “as I learn here” narrative. Wow. WOW!

  7. says

    Rosa, such great thoughts and as always ideas that deserve to marinate and inspire action. Less is more truly resonates with me as this year I have been more focused on intention and less on intensity. I found myself wanting to go deeper, to do less but to do it more passionately and with more attention. It has challenged me to review my activity in light of my intention – is it purposeful? Meaningful? Does it move me deeper in the space that I am called to inhabit? I will be reading and following for I so enjoy sharing the learning journey with you but sometimes I will be silent as I truly seek to let the learning become active.
    .-= Karen ´s last blog ..Is Your Business Puzzle Missing a Piece? =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Your second sentence brings up a very good point Karen: I am aware I can become a broken record about intention, ramping up the record’s volume often, and on purpose, however we can still be very intentional while tempering our intensity in a reasonable and more palatable way… thank you for the coaching! We can go overboard with our intensity (and I know that I do), and then we miss answering those other questions you mention, or shroud them in a smoke screen. Signal versus noise.

      Great thoughts Karen, thank you!

  8. says

    Rosa, I was thinking your photography… that’s the only way (IMHO) to get the feeling and spirit of the value as seen through your eyes. That’s how we feel, sense, intuit the power of it as well as reading the words. I don’t think it would have the same effect with someone else’s photographs.

    I don’t know what would happen if you held a value in your mind for say… a week… wouldn’t you find you’d taken shots that illuminated it for you / us?
    .-= Joanna ´s last blog ..7 Ways to Stay Connected to Confident Writing =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Thank you for that affirmation Joanna.
      And you add good coaching. Truth is, this has been a goal which has not yet found adequate space in my life for “time is now” project status, and that is what must happen. Which returns me to the good feelings I had when initially writing this Sunday Mālama posting: I see that proverbial light at the end of a tunnel, and I am getting closer to making a second book happen; much closer!

  9. says

    Love Joanna’s idea and totally agree that they have to be your pictures…

    I’ve seen your Flickr pool Rosa and there are some real gems in there, really. Not just saying that as a fan, but as a person who has stolen your photos to use as wallpaper on my desktop lol.
    .-= Rich ´s last blog ..How’d I get where I am today” =-.

    • Rosa Say says

      Thank you Rich, and that is very cool about the desktop wallpaper! A great “meanwhile” I will hold onto as encouragement as this goal-turned-project progression continues to develop :-)

      And btw, that is why I do publish my photos with Creative Commons permissions, to share them! The only ones I will normally mark as “All Rights Reserved” on Flickr are those with people in them.

  10. Rosa Say says

    To those of you who may have subscribed to this comment thread: This comment I am adding falls in the category of “mother-shipping” I use Talking Story for, commenting to remind myself of an intention connected to this post…

    Last subheading in this post was: Of Significance: 2. Communication benefits greatly from Sense of Place and since then, connected to the thought of carefully selected, intentional communication online:

    1. Had a talk-story with Ulla Hennig about how I use Tumblr: Tumblr ”“ what is it good for?

    2. Saw this post from Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent: How I Participate in Social Networks. Points to an interesting Twitter landing page done by Colleen Wainwright, a.k.a. “the communicatrix” and a new social media policy page that Valeria decided to add to her mothership.