Tomorrow is the Future Too

When managers lead in a clear and compelling way, they create energy all around them.

What is true leading all about? From the archives:

3 Ways Managers Create Energetic Workplaces

Our Say “Alaka‘i” vocabulary is worth repeating:

  • LEADERSHIP is the workplace discipline of creating energy connected to a meaningful vision.
  • MANAGEMENT is the workplace discipline of channeling that mission-critical energy into optimal production and usefulness.

That is an expectation of leadership you cannot allow to intimidate you.

You may think to yourself, “Who am I to possibly know what will happen in the future? How can I create a clear and compelling vision of possibility when I can’t make any substantial promise about it?”

Don’t worry about those things which are out of your control; no reasonable person expects that of you, and it is unreasonable for you to expect that from yourself.

Over at Unfolding Leadership, Dan Oestreich just gave us a great example of how even a great business mind can miss some big implications when promoting new strategies, but he didn’t let that possibility stop him, and neither can you. (I’m referring to Tom Peters. Read more here: Walmart is Us).

There are two things you can do right now:

1. Focus on those things which you know you can effect in a way that makes them better tomorrow than they are today. Don’t take care of the whole world, but do seize responsibility for the part of it you dwell within: Live, work, manage and lead with Aloha (For 2010, with Aloha)

Live with Aloha: Focus on one family – yours.
Work with Aloha: Focus on one team – yours.
Manage with Aloha: Focus on one sense of workplace – yours.
Lead with Aloha: Focus on one Ho‘ohana sweet spot – yours.

2. Take it one day at a time, and go for those small wins. We talked about that last week: Small Wins Create Big Domino Effects.

Focus on one person’s gratitude – yours. (Mahalo)
Focus on one person’s passion – yours. (Ho‘ohana)
Focus on one person’s attitude – yours. (Aloha)
Focus on one person’s learning – yours. (‘Ike loa)

Tomorrow is the future too (‘Imi ola). Alaka‘i managers seek to tweak tomorrow in some way which will add a jolt of attention-grabbing energy all around them, one of positive expectancy for good things, versus hand-wringing and stalling within a sense of overwhelm.

If you get passionate and intentional about your own Ho‘ohana (intention with worthwhile work), and seize full “this is all on me” responsibility for it (make it your Kuleana), we’ll all get on board with you too, for you will be creating the Alaka‘i future of positive expectancy we all want.

To get your focus back, think about tomorrow, or this coming Friday, or next Monday. you’ll know what to do, and how you must lead. I have faith in you: Now have faith in yourself.

For more on the Hawaiian values I have referred to, visit: Managing with Aloha ~ Why Choose Values?

Photo credit: Grapefruit Splash by John Steven Fernandez