The Real Day 1: It’s Ho‘o Day

Today is the first Monday of 2010.

Have you been immersed in planning and strategic thinking, scheming about how to hit the ground running and make this year a wildly successful one?

Sure you have. That’s what Alaka‘i managers do; that’s what people who Ho‘ohana do. They are movers and shakers. I am sure that’s who you are, or you wouldn’t bother subscribing to this blog in the first place. You want bigger and better to happen, don’t you. The status quo, complacency, mediocrity… those things are not your things.

Gosh I’m glad you’re here! We can support each other so well.

Ready to Bloom

For many of us, today’s the real “Day 1” of the New Year, because it’s get-back-to-work day.

It’s your Ho‘o of Ho‘ohana; the day you brush the holiday tinsel off your shoulders and get everything in gear, and make something happen.

Hear that in the background? It’s the slow-burn buzz of your energy ramping up. Sweet.

Click away now and get started while you’ve got your “getting started” in mind, and don’t let me hold you back!

Go bloom.


    • Rosa Say says

      I’m looking forward to having that feeling twice this week Paul!

      Monday was more of a half-day of work starts for me, since still within our 12Days of Christmas Virtues, and having my son home for holiday. He heads back to AZ today, and so I get another shot at this, with a fully jam-packed “Real Day 1: It’s Ho‘o Day” tomorrow :) Pretty sweet.

      Thank you for stopping by, to share yours with us here!