Small Wins Create Big Domino Effects

In the first week of January I spent a good deal of my discretionary time on personal productivity projects (Open Loops, Tech Life Inventory) that will help me clean up my act in 2010.

You’ve had a few tastes of them here: Mantra and theme type encouragements about vocabulary and language of intention which will keep the focus where you want it to be – the “drink your Kool-aid” kind of stuff, which I do think is very important. Vocabulary, and the words you use are powerful, both with inspiring others as an Alaka‘i manager, and with your own self-talk.

What I am switching to now, is the next step: now that I feel better organized, I must engage with definitive action.

Is that where you are too?

Those who lead consistently set a great example, and if you want action from your team they need to see that you are leading the way: You’ve started.

My goal within my Strong Week Plan for January 11 through 15 (Monday through Friday) is that I will achieve a Small Win.

I know, that getting to action taken, and action resulting in achievement, is a good way to start my year off right, and that I must do so as early as possible. My Small Win can begin to create a positive expectancy for me for the whole year through: That’s the Big Domino Effect I am going for. Positive expectancy. Belonging with me, and within me.

A “Small Win” is not small as in insignificant.
It is small as in, you cannot fail unless you completely go lazy on me or get stuck in procrastination. (That was a sample of my self-talk, with “you” meaning me.)

And it IS a win, and a win that isn’t insignificant either. It’s an important win.

It’s a win which is meaningful in some way, and what would be GREAT, is if it is somehow connected to your Ho‘ohana and Alaka‘i intentions. (Okay, that “your” was about you.)

  • Ho‘ohana as being about the important work you do by choice,
    and for better feelings of personal well-being, and
  • Alaka‘i as being about the energies you create all around you and for others (by leading),
    and which you channel effectively (by managing well)

Mine are, and by the time you read this, I hope to be already done with one Small Win, and I will be seeing if I can get a second Small Win in since I’m already on a positive-expectancy roll with the first one I had in mind.

My dominoes will be falling!

So do you have something like that in mind for you too?

Let’s both get our Small Wins done.

January 15th we finish, and January 16 we celebrate. 2010 will be a fabulous year if all weekends are reserved for celebrating, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Domino by Erica Marshall on Flickr


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