Get the Gift of Learning Throughout the Year

‘Ike loa ~ the Hawaiian value of learning

Seek knowledge, for new knowledge is the food for mind, heart and soul.
Learning inspires us, and with ‘Ike loa we constantly give birth to new, creative possibilities.
— From Managing with Aloha, Chapter 11

Great managers are lifelong learners. They discover they  have to be. In the process of that discovery, they want to be.

Number 36 x5 = 180

Each and every month, since January of 2007, I have reflected on my learning in a list of five lessons learned, participating in Rapid Fire Learning at Joyful Jubilant Learning. Takes me no more than 5 minutes, usually it’s less; a minute at most to write and reflect on each one. This month then, marks the 36th time I have done so.

I love looking back and seeing the progression of my learning, now 180 entries in all. Being part of the JJL community of learners makes it so easy, and so joyful, and often the learning themes there can be quite an influence.

For instance, these were the monthly themes at Joyful Jubilant Learning throughout 2009. They always start within two values: Joy (‘Oli) and Learning (‘Ike loa). They always end in collaboratively-spirited community discussions explored and savored, and with learning exponentially magnified.

January — Learning Joyful Eating
February — Love is All You Need
March — Our annual Love Affair with Books
April — Learning from “where we’re at”
May — Learning from our Habits
June — Targets and the Learner’s Progress
July — Communicating As Learners Do
August — Summer Learning
September — Learning the Joy of 9
October — Learning from Birthdays, “Anyone can light a candle”
November — Within our Learner’s Toolbox: WRITING
December — Learners Return Home for the Holidays

The line-up to come in 2010 will be even better!

Give yourself one more Christmas gift before this holiday season of 2009 becomes but a memory. Won’t you join us there, and celebrate all the possibilities the value of ‘Ike loa can reveal for you?

Rapid Fire Learning | December 2009

Rapid Fire Learning is a good time to meet the community there, and immediately participate in our online conversations in a very easy way, one which establishes your credentials immediately. Simply, you are a learner, and you ‘say’ so by sharing your learning lokomaika‘i, in the spirit of generosity.

Great managers are lifelong learners. They get to be.

To get that jump, and to create the RFL learning retention habit with just 5 minutes of your time each month is quite the good deal. So what are you waiting for?


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