Coach more, Urge more, Support more

And stop doing everything by yourself.

Last post, I suggested you manage more and lead less. What should “managing more” involve in 2010 so it can be a crucible year for you?

Your calendar is a good place to discover your opportunities.

Print out or make a xerox copy of your calendar over the last month. Now grab two highlighters.

Use one color to highlight all the calendar entries you had made which had you working with tasks, systems and processes. Use the second color to highlight all your calendar entries which had you working with people.

If you are like most managers today, chances are that most of your highlights were for tasks, systems and processes that you handled primarily on your own, and most of your managing was about the self-management of your own productivity.

However on a basic level, what is it that managers should be doing? They should be getting the work of a business done through other people instead of doing it themselves. As they do so, they should be elevating performance levels, and helping others (those they manage) make consistent progress toward the vision which makes their business both viable and meaningful.

Can you come up with a plan for 2010 which will have you working to elevate the performance of every person who works with you? Can you coach more, urge more, support more?

I’ll bet you can.

The question is, will you?