Should we follow you?

Can you come closer?

When you are one who aspires to be a leader, you must constantly ask yourself one central question: Why would anyone choose to follow me?

In the business environment, the question becomes: Why would anyone choose to Ho‘ohana with me?

The answer must be because they believe in you and admire the path you have chosen, and they believe you will guide the right way for them as well. You have what it takes to capture their belief, and you deliver what it takes to honor it. You are willing to be an authentic and vulnerable leader, and you eagerly will shoulder the responsibility that comes with leadership.

Managing with Aloha


    • Rosa Say says

      Aloha Ricardo, welcome to Talking Story, and thank you for your comment :-)

      I would agree that we “Gotta believe in yourself!” —it truly does start there. However I’ll encourage would-be leaders to go farther than that if they hope for follow-ship, and for this kind of engagement: (Following is NOT a Passive Activity). “Farther” includes things like well-articulating what they believe in, so it appears to be a visionary mission others believe they can enroll in, and adapt for their own future well-being.