Black Friday our Talking Story way

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day? It is a good holiday, isn’t it. I think one of the best things about Thanksgiving is that there is no expectation of gift-giving. We don’t expect to get more, and are simply reminded to appreciate what we already have.

Today, I am one who chooses not to partake in the Black Friday craziness, and have decided my own holiday shopping can wait a few more days. I will contribute my share of dollars to our economy soon, just not today. I am thinking about a gift we can give ourselves and each other, to share in learning virtually instead (our Talking Story way), and I am gearing up for the two challenges we have coming up on Ruzuku. If you missed it, I had posted about them in full detail here (back story, lessons learned from those who participated, plans going forward etc.):
The D5M Ruzuku Report (and 2 New Challenges!)

“True innovators have a mantra: The enemy of the best is the good.
They are constantly daring to make things better.”

—Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide

Do we dare? Yes we do…

Thus I took some time in the quiet of my early Thanksgiving yesterday morning to update the Daily 5 Minutes resource page we now have here since it serves as our Ruzuku bridge, with a mantra continually scrolling through my brain as coaching: Keep it simple… keep it simple… keep it simple… for it really is:

Ho‘ohana CommunityYou don’t need a bunch of links from me… you just need the desire to learn (the desire being your value-driver of ‘Ike loa, the value of lifelong learning), for you can experience it as we learn it together.

Being part of our Talking Story Ho‘ohana Community is a constant invitation to you, to learn with company, the company of a like-minded community sharing many common goals. Chief among them, is another constant: Our goal to learn behaviors and new habits which align with our personal values.

Today’s message is an encouragement to you. If you have not yet signed up for one or both of the Ruzuku challenges to come, please reconsider. We learned so much in our first round, and this second one seeks to weave in our lessons learned and make it even better. Those who have already participated in a Ruzuku challenge will eagerly tell you how valuable they have been, and how they have helped forge some great peer-to-peer self-coaching relationships.

Here is a reminder on what is coming: I do hope you decide to jump into the learning with us! Another way to look at these two challenges, is stated within another constant goal we share here, to build a powerful Language of Intention:

  1. In the first challenge, “Take 5” will become a natural part of your better-listening vocabulary
  2. In the second challenge, The Daily 5 Minutes will become “D5M-ing” your management style

Thank you for reading today,

1. Starting Monday, November 30th, a 5-day challenge you can take on its own merit, or as a D5M warm-up:

Take 5 Listening ChallengeThe “Take 5” Listening Challenge: Daily 5-minute Conversations focused on Becoming a Better Listener. Sign up here.

You will improve your listening skills in a daily self-coaching focus, seeking to fully value others and learn from them every day for 5 days: 1 new listening conversation each day is required to participate. The challenge will end on Friday, December 4th.

2. Starting Monday, December 7th, a 15-day D5M Habit-builder. This time, we will stick to the playing field we know best, and will be focusing on our efforts exclusively on you as a manager and emerging leader in the workplace setting:

D5M Habit-BuilderThe Daily 5 Minutes Habit-Building Challenge: 15 Days to Build the Manager”²s D5M Conversation Practice in Workplace Communications. Sign up here.

You will practice the Daily 5 Minutes as a giver in your workplace, creating and building your D5M conversation habit as a better manager, and fully valuing another person within your learning process: 1 D5M is required to participate, every day for 15 days. The challenge will end on Monday, December 21st.

Both are still free during this time we remain in the alpha stages of our Ruzuku offering. We will begin to charge for these programs shortly after we enter beta testing, so sign up now and give yourself the Christmas presents of peer-to-peer coaching in a terrific web-based learning environment.